12 April 2012

Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok (Day3, Part1)


Girls!!!!!!!  Alright, when you hear the word 'Bangkok', be honest, the first thing that pop up on your mind is shopping.. shopping .. and shopping, yeahhhh!!!!

Shopping in Bangkok City, is the place that can ensure you would definitely get the good quality of stuffs in that such an unbelievable low prices.  For those shopping lovers, (well who isn't ???), I believe everyone must ever heard about MBK or Siam complex or Central shopping malls or even the world biggest famous outdoor Chatujak market, but for now just forget about those places.  Lets take a look at one of my new favourite shopping place.  I just found out this year, I know it's abit too late to get to know about this shopping paradise but everytime I go to Thailand, for Godsake I got so many things going on therefore end up I haven't got a chance to visit this POPULAR mall 'til this time.  The Platinum Shopping Centre !!!

Don't expect something like high-end, luxury fantasy mall or brand name beehives.  Here in Platinum is kinda different concept from ordinary shopping mall, its more for the wholesalers and bulk buyers.  For Thais this mall is the MOTHER of clothing and accessories retailers besides of course, the Pratunam market where I undoubtedly refer as the GRANDMA of all kinds.  All I'm saying is, most of the goods in Pratunam market (opposite Platinum Fashion Mall) are direct from their factories so you can get rid off the middle man then we have this Platinum for the next level up.

Though I have known its reputation but personally I have never been to Pratunam market before so I couldn't talk much about it. maybe next time, okey dokey!!!

The Platinum Fashion mall is mainly divided into 3 zones.  Offering a super bargain ranged from woman fashion cloths, leather goods, souvenirs, accessories, you name it !!!  Just in case, if you don't want to get lost in this mega mall, it might be handy to grab free directory provided in front of the main entrance at the street level before hand. 

Although, you may notice that they tend to sell the stuffs in bulk for business purposes like a wholesalers but do not be too worry, you still can buy a single item with a cheap price as well.  In Platinum, a standard woman cloth would normally costs approximately $10 on an average.  But not much bargain that you could get out of it if you buy only a piece, though for that price is already considered quite low.  However as it's main target customers are for the wholesalers or retailers so if you buy two or more things from the same shop you would end up paying like $7 or so or even better sometimes they can reduce it to half price !!!  So bring your gal' friends with you and make sure you wear very comfortable pair of shoes then experience the TRUE MEANING of "shop til' you drop" !!!!  

Cold drinks ฿30
What a mall without food court, definitely not here, not in Thailand !!!!!  We gotta boost up ourself after marathon walking that we've done...  The food court is located on the 6th floor and as usual when you come up here, you get spoiled for a million of choices to choose from and started tossing up the coin on where or what will save your hungry belly.

Boiling hot water bowl keeping your cutlery hygiene 

Rad Nah Mee Krob Kai (Crispy Egg Noodles with Gravy) ฿40 (about $1.25)
Although I love the taste of this dish, but I still prefer the original version of Rad Nah much better where they use the steamed rice noodle instead.  As I found that those crispiness from deep fried noodle gone once they soaked with those yummy gravy and become all tough and hard to chew.

Green Noodles with Roast Duck and Roast Pork ฿100 (about $3.10)
My hubby landed on his favourite BBQ duck and Roast Pork combination dish served with green noodle flooded with light sweet soy sauce and finished with the fried garlic on top.  OHH SOO YUMMM may be an understatement for this dish.  The BBQ duck itself deliver the exotic flavour like you were having it in the Kowloon downtown. and eventhough the green noodle was slightly chewy and a little bit overdone but it was pretty flavoursome. 

However, don't get too exited just yet as the secret is finally revealed.  If you wanna try this heavenly dish and you want to go for the best so you can forget the rest, I strongly recommend MK restaurant (all across Thailand).  Trust me, you will never ever regret it.

Platinum Shopping Mall
222 (Pratunum) Petchaburi Road
Ratchathevee, BKK
Ph: +662 121 8000

Opening hours:
Wed, Sat, Sun        : 08.00 - 20.00
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri : 09.00 - 20.00

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  1. Those green noodles look really interesting! It's fascinating to see what overseas food courts have :)

  2. I had family living in Bangkok and they kept telling me how great the shopping is. I can't get over the prices of the food - it's so amazingly cheap and yet it looks wonderful. I must get myself over to Bangkok! xx