13 August 2012

Tham Chang Cave, Vang Vieng (Day 4, Part 1)


Buffet breakfast at the resort

Thavonsouk's dining area

Nam Song River accessible from Thavonsouk Resort

Visiting Tham Chang Cave is another must-do activity while you were in Vang Vieng.  It's only about 10 minutes drive from the Thavonsouk resort.  This unspoilt beauty will amaze you and fill up your memory card.  The cave also houses a reclining Buddha inside the cave's hall and where you can also have a bird eyes view of Vang Vieng town from above.  Although the limestone cave itself wasn't that spectacular, but the postcard view from the orangey bridge was heavenly gorgeous and there is this water hole below the cave and you could actually swim and cool off there, from what I heard, the water is just pure and crystal clear.

sweet potatoes, fresh local fruits, steamed peanuts (best snack), and fresh bite size sugar cane

Before we entering the cave, we need to climb hundred stairs that piled up high.  So to keep us going strong, we need some energy, don't we??  There is one restaurant just before that monster stairs, where we had our lunch there.
 Som Tum Pu Plara

Tam Mak Taeng (Lao Style Spicy Cucumber Salad)
This dish is very similar to som tum (papaya salad), same sauce-based but instead they use fresh cucumber.  I much prefer this salad, as it has a big flavour and crunchy texture still, but the cucumber brought a lighter taste than paw paw.

Larb Moo and Tom Gai Soup
I could say that Lao cuisine is very healthy, they use heaps of vegetables and herbs mostly on their dishes that compliment the meaty flavour on the dish or it even standout when on its own.

This deep fried fish with dash of soy sauce and crispy garlic chips on top, it's a very simple and homely dish, but taste excellent.

The food in this restaurant was unbelievable yummy.  Comparing with those out there, this one is so far the best Lao's food I've eaten.  Everything was spot on and big bang bang on flavours.  I don't mind to come here again next time just to have lunch.  And all of the five dishes only cost 700bath (around $23).

Worth climbing those stairs as you can see this heavenly scene from the top
Inside cave
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  1. I'm intrigued by this cucumber version of papaya salad (which is a favourite here). I wonder if I would prefer this version :)