26 April 2019

Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel and Resort, Pattaya

Art in Paradise and Alcazar Cabaret Show, Pattaya

Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel is, I believe, a hotel for family.  They have a massive swimming pool and family-friendly bowling room.  We got to stay at the inner-side building, which is less crowded and less tourist groups.

In the previous post I mentioned about Alcazar show, there is another show similar to it in Pattaya called 'Tiffany' show.  I prefer this over Alcazar show.  As I found that the performances and story line were better and smoother as well as the dancers, they have more skills.  But both shows have these equally beautiful 'ladies'.

Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel and Resort, Pattaya
408 Moo 12, Jomtien Beach Road
Pattaya City, Chon Buri
Ph: +66 38 231 350

Tiffany's Show Pattaya
464 Moo 9 Pattayasaisong Road
Pattaya City, Chon Buri
Ph: +66 38 421 700

05 March 2019

Art In Paradise and Alcazar Cabaret Show, Pattaya

Pizza Plaza, Pattaya

Art in Paradise, Pattaya
Moo 9 78/34 Thanon Pattaya Soi 2
Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri
Ph: +66 38 424 500

Alcazar Cabaret Show
Moo 9 78/14 Thanon Pattaya Soi 2,
Bang Lamung District, Pattaya
Ph: +66 38 422 220

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Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel and Resort, Pattaya

21 February 2019

Pizza Plaza, Pattaya

Road Trip Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is a place for everyone, for all ages.  There are beautiful beach, water park, world famous Tiffany show to watch, etc.  When it comes down to the food.  There are plenty to choose too.  One of the restaurant that I found good for big kid and small kid is called Pizza Plaza in Pattaya.  Kids would enjoy this place and adults ignite their inner child.  This buffet restaurant provides make-your-own pizza with each pizza oven on each table.  With only 299 Baht, you can create-your-own pizza unlimited.

Pizza base an toppings
First, you need to get your pizza base then grab some toppings (sauce and cheese are served on the table).  You can create whatever flavor combination you can imagine.  Then decorate to your liking and bake it in the your-own oven.  There are 3 holes in the oven so it is definitely enough space for everyone.  It need to be baked for a few minutes then your pizza is ready.

First timer for me and my son.  He absolutely loved this experience.  I let him having a little experimental with his own pizza.  Whatever he likes putting it on, although taste wise may not turn out good.

Put it in the oven for a few minutes 

On top is my pizza.  It is inspired by Chinese-style pizza.  It is called Peking Duck pizza with red shallot, some chilies and quail egg.

Next, we have modern super supreme topped with salami and the base is thousand island sauce.

My best pizza is this bolognese and cheese pizza.  As simple as pizza base spread with bolognese sauce and topped with heaps of cheese.  Delicious delicious....

Beside pizza, they also have some fingers food such as chicken nuggets and chicken wings as well as scope-your-own ice cream.  

Indonesian fried rice with chicken satay and Thai style pork fried rice and for drinks we had coconut fappe
We stayed in the Mercure Hotel in this trip.  At night we ordered in-room dining.  The food were great, I like that Indonesian fried rice.  Spicy and flavorsome.  Complete with krupuk or cracker which was very Indonesian.  And that coconut frappe was the best coconut frappe I've ever tasted, no joke.

Pizza Plaza, Pattaya
47/72-73 Welcome Town, Pattaya
Klang Road, Moo 9, Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri
Ph: +66 090 558 8221

Mercure Pattaya Hotel
484 Moo 10, Pattaya Second Road Soi 15
Ph: +66 3842 5050

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Art In Paradise and Alcazar Cabaret Show, Pattaya

30 January 2019

Road Trip Pattaya, Thailand

Driving from Bangkok to Pattaya for a short trip or even a day trip can easily be done.  Because the journey only takes about less than 2 hours drive toward Southeast.  Pattaya is a beach city that lays on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand.  Very touristy place!!!  I don't really prefer crowded place, if anyone feel the same with me, there is actually place-less-traveled in Pattaya that will not break your bank to stay there yet you still can enjoy beautiful beach and local food.  For example, Jomtien beach.  It is about 15 minutes away from the main beach.  There are lots of local cuisine restaurants along the shore.

We have visited Pattaya so many times, but I never actually blog about them even once.  I will combine these a few short trips in one set of post.  So these reviews contain couple of hotels that we stayed, some restaurants as well as activities that we had done.  So hope y'all enjoy reading my blog.  Octie Appetie....

Why we like doing road trip across Thailand? Because their road is great, there are lots of Petrol station (I know you know! It is not for filling petrol, I mean, partly... but most importantly is for toilet break, food time and mostly there are souvenir and snacks stalls in Petrol Station.  So, we won't be starving to death on the road).

We stopped at this stew pork leg shop in one of the petrol station along the way.  They have very interesting menus that I have never seen in Thailand.  Of course pork leg (kha moo) is pretty common, but it is normally served with steamed rice.  This place, pork leg comes with dried noodle or plain bun.  Which is just what I want.  There are also dried noodle with panang as well as a few other menus.  It was a good dish, however the portion was really small unlike what is shown in the picture.

Dried noodle with stew pork leg

Stew pork leg served with plain Chinese bun

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Pizza Plaza, Pattaya

28 January 2019

Songkran Day In Vientiane

Short Trip To Vientiane, Laos

Songkran morning in Vientiane for us was rather religious and peaceful in a way to celebrate this festive day with family.  We went to a few temples in the area, pay respect to the ancestors, bath the monk statues and pray for prosperous life in a year ahead.  Then when afternoon came around, that's the time we had party party.

First, because it was the exact day with my boy's birthday so we had a little gathering things to blow a cake for him.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon with friends.  Having a wet party!!!!  Water splashing everywhere!!!  We were standing in the corner of the road, ready to take some revenge to any passerby who splash the water to us.  But sometimes we the one who started the fight as well.  It is a happy day so although you are dressed nicely that day about to go some meeting or so, and you get the water thrown at you, still you can't be angry at them.  That's the rule!!!!  

In the mean time the kids were having fun too.  Play in the pop-up open-air pool.  A pool party for kids. 

And on the table there were lots of yummy food like roasted pork, papaya salad and some other Laotian dishes.  We tried to cover up the food from time to time but of course we cannot totally avoid whenever the water came splashing.  So to be truthful, it wasn't so hygienic, but so what!!!  We just give it a missed for a day.  I won't die because of that though.   

The next day, after the big party day, we went chilling out for some lunch at water-float restaurant.  The dining area is very unusual.  Its consists of separate huts floating on the water.  Each group of diners get their own hut.  Very private!!!  You can even close the curtain to be even more private.  You are also allowed to bring your own radio or speaker, so you can have like a your-own-juke-box.  Very chill and cool place.  Talking about food. they were delicious too.  But this time I didn't pay much attention on the food just enjoy the ambiance. (My apologize that there are any food pictures)  What I could remember is the 'jumping' shrimp dish.  Little shrimps was still very alive and jumping for their life when they got sprayed by juice of lime.  Cruel but.

Laying down mode-on with a nice river breeze

Iced taro milk drink and coconut frappe

Our next meal is this famous naem neuong dishes (Vietnamese style grilled pork skewers).  The grilled pork is served with rice paper roll, rice noodle and heaps of fresh vegetables and hers.  There are fresh spring roll and deep fried spring roll as well in the house.  For me, their deep fried spring roll was the winner.

See you next time Vientiane
Hope you guys enjoy my short blog about Vientiane and see you soon on my next trip somewher on earth.  Octie Appetie....

Ps.  Just wondering is there anyone out there actually love or hate my blog?  If yes, you can leave any comments below (any suggestions, feedback or just simply nice compliments would be greatly appreciated).  Thank you so much readers.

Vieng Naem Neuong
Beung Kha-nyoung, Vientiane
Ph: +856 21 353 626