22 August 2016

Day 6 of Northern Thai Trip: Wat Nam Hu and Baan Santichon - Yunnan Cultural Village

Day 5 of Northern Thai Trip: Medio De Pai Hotel And Pai Walking Street

Wat Nam Hu

The special thing about this temple is that inside the monk head can produce holy water that comes from nowhere.  Monk will take it out once a year and get about a bowl full of holy water. 

This snake look-a-like GPS map is a pretty common scene to see in anywhere around Mae Hong Son province.  Curve after curve, get ready with your road-sick capsule.  But when we arrive at the destination, any destination is worth travelling for.  Like this one, Baan Santichon - Yunnan Cultural Village.  This village is very much like a smaller version of the real Yunnan village.  From the house shape, stuffs that they are selling and the food are genuinely brought from Yunnan as the place is nearby.  Therefore, you can feel like you are in Yunnan, also sampling their local food plus bring home the Yunnan's souvenirs.

This is their signature dish - Stew pork leg served with mantou

Stir fry kangkung

Steamed fish with ginger and shallot - in a spicy version
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Last Day of Northern Thai Trip: From Pai, Phitsunalok, Nakhon Sawan, To Bangkok

20 August 2016

Day 5 of Northern Thai Trip: Medio De Pai Hotel and Pai Walking Street

Day 4 of Northern Thai Trip (part 2): Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai

Pai is one of my favourite city in northern region.  It is a classic mountain city with cool weather and so many cute landmarks everywhere in this town.  Not so crowded, but again if you don't come here around school holiday or new years holiday as this place is one of the top holiday destination on winter season.  There are two ways to get here.  First, the common way, by road, where it will take about 4 or 5 hours on the extreme curvy roads.  Most of the people are thrown out after arriving at the destination.  And the easier way would be catching a tiny plane (maximum is 12 passenger at a time)from Chiang Mai to Pai that takes only 20 minutes.  Very convenient and time saver however it is of course more costly.

This time we stayed at Medio De Pai boutique hotel, which is situated in a great location, just less than five minutes walk to the walking street.  More like a resort to me, with only two story building and swimming pool in the middle. 

Again, it was a crowded night, just before the new year's eve.  But luckily we went there early, just pass 5 in the evening and around 7pm we finish browsing and bought food.  Ready to come back to our cozy hotel, it is when the walking street are starting to pack with people.  Yet again, this pai walking street is one of the best walking street in Thailand.  Range of variety food and drinks also souvenirs and live music (some days).

227 Moo 4, T. Viengtai, Mae Hong Son
PaiMae Hong Son Province
Tel:  +66 53699 998
Pai Walking Street Market
Rural Rd Mae Hong Son 4024,
Wiang Tai, Pai District, Mae Hong Son
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18 August 2016

Day 4 of Northern Thai Trip (part 2): Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai

Day 4 of Northern Thai Trip: Cook With Love, second time here!!

Khantoke dinner is basically sampling the traditional northern thai food while watching the Lanna cultural show.  There are a few companies that do so, but we always go for Khum Khantoke.  Friendly service, nice food and great show.  However, we need to make a reservation in advance, then arrive early on the day to pick up and pay for the ticket.  The show and dinner will last about 2 hours in total.

Women playing traditional lanna's music instrument and crafting the fruits

Thai style cushion seating or the normal dining table

the food and drinks are refill

Let go the hot air balloon (means to let go all the bad luck and sins)

139 Moo 4 Nongprakung, Muang, Chiangmai
Tel: +66 53 304121-3

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16 August 2016

Day 4 of Northern Thai Trip: Cook With Love, second time here!!

Day 3 of Northern Thai Trip: Maesa Elephant Camp

This is our second round in this restaurant (Please feel free to read the first visit).  The restaurant changes a bit, with more tables and space, a bigger chef's table but with the same yummy taste of food.

Chef Khai

More seats


Crispy soft shell crab salad

Huge lobster, this beautiful creature will be on our plate anytime soon

Grilled eggplant with miso and cheese

Lobster sashimi

Salmon sashimi

Chawanmushi, the silkies chawanmushi I've ever eaten

Lobster soup

Grilled creamy scallop

Salmon head

Foie gras nigiri, yumm

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