08 January 2019

One Day Stop Over In Hong Kong

Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park, New Chitose Airport

We made one night stop-over in Hong Kong before we flew back to Bangkok.  While we were in Hong Kong, the main dishes that we shouldn't miss of course the BBQ and roasted pork dishes from our favorite chain roasted pork restaurant.

Mixed BBQ pork and roasted pork on rice

Beef brisket wonton soup

Pork chop with green fried rice

Hong Kong egg tart

After had breakfast, we headed to Snoopy World which is located inside the New Town Plaza on Sha Tin stop.  Free entry and good for taking photos and it was my son's favorite character as well.

Some ice cream stops

Milk tea ice cream with caramel popcorn toppings

chocolate ice cream also with caramel popcorn toppings

Not forget about some cakes as well

Emirate child meal 

Flight's meal
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27 December 2018

Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park, New Chitose Airport

Last Day In Sapporo

Breakfast from family mart underneath the hotel
Last day and our flight was around 4pm.  But we left the hotel early and arrived airport about 12pm.  Because we wanted to visit that Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park.  The airline counter wasn't opened for about 3 hours before departure but you have an option to keep your luggage in the locker provided around the airport.

Buying ticket through ticket machine
The park is definitely for doraemon mania.  All about Doraemon, more like the photo spots.  And at the end they have this short performance and photo session with the 'Star'.

I just posted one photo because I don't want to spoil the surprise

Flight's meal

Bye bye Hokkaido...  Til we meet again...

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One Day Stop Over In Hong Kong

17 December 2018

Last Day In Sapporo

From Noboribetsu Back to Sapporo

We spotted this Kit Kat store in Sapporo (around Tanuki Koji).  They sell nearly all flavors of Kit Kat from all over Japan.  Not only that, they also have Calbee products in the shop.  One stop for snacks heaven and good for souvenirs as well.

Time for lunch.  Near Tanuki Koji we found this restaurant sells some sushi and other don dishes.  If I weren't wrong the name is Sai Kaku Restaurant.  The price is pretty cheap (as it was our last day and our wallet was soooo thin).  When we entered the shop, there is this long narrow counter bar seating.  But then the lady showed us inside, which is bigger space and divided into small private rooms.

I was aiming for their buta don since I saw menu in front of the restaurant.  And my hubby ordered sushi plater for himself.

Buta don 850yen
This time my dish was the winner.  He was extremely jealous with my food.  I would go mad too if it was the other way around.  That was the best buta don dish I've ever eaten in my life.  Guarantee that!!!!  The pork was not only juicy and tender but very very flavorsome, slightly sweet and sticky from the sauce with a touch of black pepper.  And above all, the meat is unbelievably loaded.  For 850yen, it was a great deal for sure.  And that onsen tamago (egg) has been cooked perfectly.  The egg yolk was running through the rice when cracked open.  Taken this dish to another level.  Perfect dish.  FLAWLESS!!!!!

Sushi platter 1,290yen
He kept offering some of his sushi pieces in exchange for some of my pork.  Nah... nahh..  I just stick with mine, thank you....  But his sushi was good too actually, fresh but not as good as mine.  Winner!!!!!

I saw this tram around Sapporo city, but have never caught once.  And not sure too how to pay money or the route.  So is there anyone could tell me what is it or how to catch it?

Sapporo Clock Tower

Sapporo TV Tower

We came back again to this Sweet Bisse for hunting some sweets.  This time we went for some chocolate strawberry cake and Hokkaido milk soft serve.  Yum.. Yummm...

Soft serve 250yen

From there, we walked pass this fish market in Sapporo, called Nijo market.  We had to give it a missed though.  We were so full.  They sell all the fresh seafood dishes in here.  However, it is slightly smaller than Curb market.  And they have the combination that I have been looking all for so long, salmon, ikura and sea urchin don.  Damn!!!!!!!

For dinner, we had some ramen meal just 1 block away from our hotel.

Kara spicy ramen (level 3 spiciness) 980yen

Chasu ramen


Sushisho Saikaku Kitaichijo Shop
+81 11 218 8700
They open for 2 periods lunch and dinner.
The shop closes between 2.30pm and 5pm

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Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park, New Chitose Airport

12 December 2018

From Noboribetsu Back to Sapporo

Dinner Buffet at Manseikaku Hotel, Noboribetsu

Kid's breakfast
Since we had a huge meal last night, I was reluctantly going to have breakfast buffet this morning.  As they serve great range of dinner, I was expecting that it will be pretty similar with breakfast.  It was true.  They serve numerous choices from Japanese to Western breakfast dishes.  But I couldn't handle any big meal just went to the lighter choice, the Japanese breakfast with lots of grilled salmon.

When we were about to checking-out, we saw this lady was giving away shaped-balloons for free.  Yes, one for me pleaseee...

Our trip in Noboribetsu just over, we caught bus back to JR Station (340yen/one way).  On the way we say this, Edo-themed park, looks nice, maybe next time when we have more time.

Red giant demon opposite JR Station

Empty station

Shinkansen back to Sapporo - about one and half hour journey

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Last Day In Sapporo

11 December 2018

Dinner Buffet at Manseikaku Hotel, Noboribetsu

Noboribetsu Jigokudani (Hell Valley)

I have been to so many hotel's breakfast or dinner buffet from 5-star hotel to no-star hotel but this place is so far the biggest and the most choices available.  You can find a lot of local cuisine of Hokkaido (genghis khan, snowcrab leg, and so on), traditional Japanese food, things like make-your-own noodle, sashimi, tempura and many more) to the Western dishes as well.  There are great ranges of sweets and drinks too.  Honestly, if I want to list all the food names, this post will be way tooooo long.  Even pictures I've taken probably just covered half of them.  I was really surprised of how many food served in this dinner buffet.

By the way, when we check-in earlier in the afternoon, the lady asked us to choose the dinner time slot.  We chose 6.45pm, not too early and not too late.  Although the lady recommended to have dinner somewhere between 5 or 5.30 to avoid the crowd, but it was definitely too early to have dinner right!

When we arrived at the dining area, there were a lot of people already and most of them wearing Yukata including us. Very comfortable.  I was so overwhelmed by the food.

There was long queue for this tempura and roast section and had been going on for all night.  Never quite.  Apparently it was the most popular section.

Make-your-own Genghis Khan

Green tea tiramisu
This green tea tiramisu gone in a flash.  At first I saw it was still untouched then on the middle of my dinner I saw it was gone more than half.  By then I was ready to get on dessert.  It gone.. gone.. and they replaced with some other dessert.  So regretted that I didn't quick enough.

Kids only section
There is one area dedicated for kids only, so cute.  There are pasta, french fries, nugget and some other sweets and snacks.

I didn't know that this chocolate vending machine uses coins.  I promised my little one "if he eats quick (he usually eats very slow), I will give him some of these goodies.
He did eat very good that night.  When I about to take some, I found out that we need to pay some money.  Arrgggggghhh.. I explained to him and luckily he understood and didn't throw any tantrums to me.  Then of course I made another promise again.  I said to him I will get him some tomorrow when we have breakfast.  But this chocolate is not destined to be eaten by him for sure.  The next morning, while I was ready with some money in my pocket, that chocolate vending machine was gone.  Apparently, it is only for dinner.  Poor him..

There are a few vending machines inside the hotel
As I mentioned earlier, this hotel provides so much other facilities and fun things to do as well beside hot spring.  There are game room, gachapon, you even can shop for souvenirs too.

Games room

Souvenir shop

Different types of Gachapon (toy capsules)

We had a little bit of walk in the town that night.  Hunting some more demons and we found a few more such as the love and study demon.  It was so romantic and classic.  The traditional music of Noboribetsu is turned on every night through the town speakers.

Study Demon

Romantic Demons

Noboribetsu Manseikaku Hotel
21 Noboribetsuonsencho, Noboribetsu

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From Noboribetsu Back to Sapporo