03 October 2015

Day 2: Queenstown City and Fergburger

Day 1: Hotel Rydges, Queenstown

Queenstown is a nice little town on the South Island.  The city layout was outstanding, it is surrounded by the clear blue river with endless mountains as their background.  Just as we are looking at a very stunning panoramic postcard.  We were so lucky to go around mid of march where the weather was cool and the sky was blue and clear especially in that 4 days.

Riding on Earnslaw boat is also one of the recommended activity to do while you were there.  However, you need to leave hotel pretty early in the morning or otherwise in late afternoon.  Which we didn't make it, better luck next time I guess.

The city is so peaceful, tidy and extremely beautiful.  Especially when around the fall season where the weather was cool but not freezing cold and trees were changing their color, it is so enchanting.

For our lunch today, we went straight to the burger shop that got people talking about.  Fergburger is the Queenstown's pride, New Zealand's type burger.  Around lunch peak hour be ready to join the long queue.  Yeah, of course we were one of them.  However, it wasn't take that much long as I thought.

As inside the restaurant was so packed with hungry customers, we chose to have our burger by the wharf.  More relaxing and it is just the right place to have your burger.

Look how massive is the size of the burger!!!  You kinda need two big palms to round them and a big mouth to bite on it.  The patty was tender and the sauce just ooze out.  It was delicious and comes only with $NZ 11 to $NZ 15.  Not only selling burger, but they also have some sweets as well in the house.

Jam Donut from Fergburger

Kiwi bird, New Zealand iconic

At night comes, my tummy is started to scream out again.  I didn't want to left hungry before going to bed.  Feeling satisfied with last night dinner, so we decided to order an in-room-dining again.  This time we went for Pan-fried Salmon and Crème Brulee.  The foods were came out wonderful and salmon as usual were cooked to perfection.


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22 September 2015

Day 1: Hotel Rydges, Queenstown

New Zealand is one of the place must visit around South Pacific Ocean.  Their location is much closer to Antarctic, therefore the weather is much cooler here compared to Australia.  They consist of two main islands which is north island and south island.  South is probably more visited all year round by tourists.  I think it was simply because natural beauties are abundant here and much less hectic city. 

As our break wasn't that long, that's why we'd chosen Queenstown only as our destination for this 4 days 3 nights trip.  We stayed at Rydges hotel, Queenstown which is located a little out the main busy area yet only about 10 minutes walk to the mid city.  So it is pretty peaceful and we got the whole beautiful view of mountain and river. 

Outside the Queenstown Airport

Suite Room

Our Lounge room

With this one bedroom suite room, we can turn the sofa in lounge room into a double bed.  As we come with an 11 months old boy, this room is definitely perfect for the three of us otherwise it is also quite comfortable to fit in 4 adults.

Spacious Bathroom

The view from our balcony

We arrived here in late afternoon, still wasn't in the mood for outdoor activities, we decided to maximizing the hotel's facilities.  We ordered an in-room-dining.  We picked all the New Zealand delicacies and surprisingly the price wasn't that expensive too.  The food came in no time and we were pretty surprised and excited to see the portion of the food.  Very generous and huge serving portion.  Really can't wait to dig into them.


Seafood Chowder

Foie Gras


Lamb Rack

Rhubarb Crumble

The food in this hotel are unbelievably delicious.  Every single dishes is exceed our expectation.  However, the best one would surely be the lamb rack.  It was cooked to perfection, medium rare and the sauce was great.  Very happy tummy.
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Day 2: Queenstown City and Fergburger

03 June 2015

Club Med Bali (Food - Part 2)

Club Med Bali (Food - Part 1)

Just a few more photos from the food in Club Med, consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner meal.  So please enjoy and Octie Appetie...

Hot Milo drink

Congee and condiments

Varieties of sweet to lighten up my morning

Freshly Made Sushi

Pecking Duck

Foie Gras
A little disappointed with this Foie Gras, it tastes like from the frozen tin foie gras

Some more cocktails after dinner

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