17 July 2018

Phi Phi Island Day Tour


Today, we were going to Phi Phi Island day trip that booked from Wang Sai Travel agent.  They picked us up at the hotel to the meeting point.  In there, we need to check in at the counter before boarding the boat.

He was so excited riding on this fast open window van.  His expression is priceless

Check in counter (make sure with what island are you going to)
This day drip stops at a few beaches, some sightseeing from the boat and snorkeling as well as buffet lunch provided from one of the resort.  That day, the sky wasn't that clear and open.  A little cloudy so the boat ride was quite bumpy but we all were safe and sound. 

PS.  Please stay safe for everyone planning to go on the boat trip.  If the weather condition is not possible on that day, please cancel the trip just for safety reason.  As accidents had occurred twice already this year in the same area. 

This famous Maya beach is so beautiful, the water is so clear until you can see fish swimming around with your bare eyes.  However, on the other hand, this place is very touristy.  So many tourist boats park on the side of the beach and left us tiny spaces to play water. 

Viking island
We only passed by this Viking island.  It is a private own for swallow farming.  Strictly NO entering this area as our guide mentioned.  Because the swallows need a peaceful place and it is guarded by gun men as well.  Therefore, we only sightseeing for afar. 

Another special spot is where the monkeys live on the rock mountain.  They are smartly be able to move around between one stone to another without falling to the water.  Can you spot the monkey?

Lunch buffet

snorkeling time

time for afternoon snacks

continue watertime in the hotel's swimming pool
We back to our hotel by 4.30pm, so we still have a bit of time to swim before get ready for dinner in the town.

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12 July 2018

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam and Sunda Resort, Krabi

Last year, we spent another new year trip on the road again.  This time we went down south Thailand.  We stopped by at Krabi, Phuket and Chumphon.  This trip consists of sea, sun and scrumptious food.  As usual, we drove out at midnight from Bangkok.  Nice safe drive on the empty road and we arrived at Chumphon early in the morning.  Ready to have breakfast in one of the biggest resting area with a lot of different food stalls.  From Southern cuisine to central Bangkok food.  Khun Sarai Restaurant provides huge huge dining space with clean and relatively cheap food.  On the table, they readily serve complimentary set of fresh vegetables with chili dipping sauce (nam phrik) and cold drinking water.

Muslim style roti and chicken curry with hot milk tea
This breakfast was absolutely a good morning kick for me.  The spice and fragrant smell from this curry nicely wakes me up in that early morning.  The flavor was much better than what it looks.  The slightly crispy roti on the outer matches very well with the flavorsome curry.

After that, we went to Tha Pom Klong Song Nam or "Two Water Canal".  It is a natural mangrove where two type of water running through the area.  The salty water from the sea meets the fresh water from the river.  You also can find some type of aqua animals that lives only in this type of water. 

tranquil clear water

This was the first time I saw the real-life mistletoe like leaves

Nearly as big as my palm (shellfish)

We stayed for 2 nights in this Sunda Resort at Aonang, Krabi.  After checking in and relaxing for a bit, we went straight to had dinner at Wang Sai Restaurant while watching the beautiful sunset as well.

beautiful sunset view from Wang Sai Restaurant

Stir fried prawn with stinky bean

Stir fried melinjo leave with egg

In Krabi, their specialties are stinky bean (sator) and melinjo leaves.  Sator for anyone who never tried before, it could be quite extreme and pungent.  But a lot of people are actually like this stinky bean.  And the melinjo leave was delicous with slightly bitterness taste within.

fresh, huge and well cooked shellfish

deep fried battered pineapple
I always have deep fried banana but never actually tried battered pineapple.  It was surprisingly yummy, the pineapple still keeping their texture crunchy yet soft, sweet with somewhat sourness touch.  It made a delicious sweet for sure.

Khun Sarai Restaurant
Tha Kham, Tha Sae District, Chumphon
Open 24 hours
Ph: +66 77 547 223

Sunda Resort
19 Moo 3, Aonang, Krabi
Ph: +66 89 230 9019

Wang Sai Seafood
98 Moo 3, Aonang, Krabi
Opening hours: 11am-10pm
Ph: +66 75 638 128

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10 July 2018

Penang Street Art and Durian Ice Kacang, Penang


One of the most popular things to do here in Penang is definitely taking pictures with brilliant idea of street arts.  We went there right in the mid afternoon, when it was the hottest time of the day.  Burning hot, the sun was too strong.  We only took one photo of the kids with the bike.  Then walk around the area to try their durian ice kacang before went back to hotel.  I know it sounds ridiculous to miss this thing but we can't stand the heat.  We actually went back to this area in the late afternoon around 6 pm.  But everyone were closing the shops around that time and the street became so quite in a flash and at the same time it was the Indian's New Year celebration and the Little India which is located next door also very hush.  So nothing much to do and we went to bed very early that night.

Durian ice kacang

Dking Penang
96 Lebuh Armenian, Georgetown, Penang
Ph: +60 4-262 9698

03 July 2018

Air Itam Assam Laksa and Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang


Assam laksa

Spicy assam laksa

I always eat and open to try so many different food and cuisine but this particular dish wasn't my cup of tea.  No offend but it is just my personal taste and preference.  It could be yummy for many people because the shop was very extremely crowded and even extended the seat to the roasted pork shop next door.  But the combination of taste and texture is pretty weird for me.  However, the roasted chicken rice from the shop where we were seated was very good.  I think, they maybe the same owner or at least family oriented.  After lunch, we headed to Kek Lok Si Temple, not so far from the Air Itam restaurant.

Kek Lok Si Temple

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02 July 2018

Nattukottai Chettiars Temple and Penang Hill


The breakfast buffet in this Eastern and Oriental hotel is absolutely superb.  I only went for the authentic Malaysian cuisine section and it was more than enough.  Their roti and beef rendang were top notch.  Have that curry with rice and sambal as well as fried anchovies will make it a good nasi lemak dish too.  In there, they also provide a fresh fruit juice section as per order.  Don't forget to try their masala tea too!!!

Curry and roti section

Roti with beef curry

my version of nasi lemak

Nattukottai Chettiars Temple
Today was the new year day of Indian people.  Therefore, they came to temple in the morning to pray.  And we also visit this beautiful Hindu temple before we headed to Penang Hill.

Lucky we arrived pretty early in this Penang Hill as it was public holiday for Malaysian.  This tourists place will be so crowded later.  Everything went smooth and yes!! We didn't wait so long in the queue.  We paid extra for the buggy car to take us around up there.

tame scorpion

The view from Penang Hill

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