14 November 2018

Genghis Khan (Grilled lamb) at Daruma shop

Shiroi Koibito Park

Another food NOT-to-be-missed while in Sapporo is this BBQ lamb or genghis khan.  One of the famous chain of grilled lamb restaurant is called Daruma shop.  We went to the closer one to our hotel on that night, which was Daruma 6.4.

The direction on google is quite confusing, but yet we didn't give up.  I wasn't sure what street it led us but we ended up in the wrong side, so we had to walk along the alley all the way to the other corner and found this shop.  It was nearly 7 pm and the shop packed with so many hungry customers.

The seats are pretty squishy but there are locker spaces to keep your coat and bag.  Which is good otherwise, my coat will end up smelling so smoky.  There are a few different types of lamb meat to order and some condiments as well.  For 2 person, we got one griller and promptly served with some onions and a bit of pork oil chunk.  The order actually came out quick.  And we were ready for cooking and eating.

I heard some bloggers or reviews complained about how expensive and small portion of the serving were but honestly I didn't feel any of those.  They have a good quality of meat that tender and juicy, not gamey at all, the price wise is pretty reasonable.  That's why this shop is always busy especially with locals.

getting our hot griller ready

Listen to the sizzling sound was so jolly

Look at that oily part, slightly burned which gave a better taste sensation
I love the oily part of the lamb when grilling meat.   Lean meat!!!  Go away!!!  How about you guys?

Grill and beer-match made in heaven
For this meal we spent 6,210¥ for 2 and half people (my 5 yo son).  We got 4 serves of meat and one large beer, kimchi and 3 bowls of rice.

Daruma 6.4 shop
Minami 6 Jonishi, 4 Chome, Sapporo
Ph: +81 11 533 8929
Opening hour: daily from 5pm-5am

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12 November 2018

Shiroi Koibito Park

Sapporo Jogai I Chiba Fish Market (Curb Market)

Shiroi Koibito park is a confectionery factory.  The park also has cookiecraft studio to let visitors to get the hands on making their-own cookies, candy laboratory where people can watch the candy crafters making and stretching those colorful candies, cafe to try those delicious Ishiya's drinks and sweets as well as rose garden.

Candy laboratory

Actual production line

Cookie craft studio


Get your nice seat by the window to watch the musical clock tower on the hour.  Make sure you arrive early, as the seats normally always fills up very quick.

Hot chocolate 648¥ and sakura 399¥

They have the best hot chocolate in town.  It was very rich and strong of chocolate taste.  Loving every drop of it.  Their sakura triffle, it was nice as well, creamy and smooth texture.  Of course, this is because Hokkaido milk is very top quality and everyone knows it.

Clock tower with musical performance on the hour

Soccer stadium next to Shiroi Koibito park

I used to see in the internet about this face-print on the snow and so want to try it.  On the way back to the station, we saw this thick pile of snow along the way.  There wasn't anyone around at that time otherwise people might think we were crazy.  We stuck our head on the soft cloudy ice for a few seconds and gave it some pressure on it and moving from left to right to get the whole face printed.  But here what we got.  Unfortunately, we had failed!!!!!!  It doesn't look like face at all.  Yet my face felt numb for a minute, so coldddd.  Have anyone ever tried this??

Shiroi Koibito Park
Admission fee: 600¥/adult and 200¥/child

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08 November 2018

Sapporo Jogai I Chiba Fish Market (Curb Market)

Ramen Alley, Sapporo

It was around mid of March when we went to Sapporo.  So the percentage of snowing was really tiny around that time of the year.  Though the ground was still covered with white ice.  But of course what I wanted to see was snow falling.  Today, my wish became true.  At that day we went to Jogai market (Curb market).  We left our hotel pretty early in the morning then caught subway to Nijuyonken station.  It was no sign at all for snow.  In the matter of less than 20 minutes, the sky changed.  Once we walked out from the underground station to the main road in Nijuyonken Station, first we felt the freezing breeze from out there then we started to see white light cotton-like snow was falling from the sky, very heavily.  People were speedily walking, some even running to avoid the cold and wet.  But we against the norm.  We played and enjoyed the snow as much as we could.  So tourist hahaha...

Jogai Fish Market
From fresh seafood to fruits are available in this very market.  The famous Kani Honke (Hokkaido carb) is huge and it can scrap the money more than ten of thousand yen out of your pocket.  The fruits are fresh and plump as well.  It is also cheaper compared to the other markets out there.  Not to be missed are their honeydew melon and strawberries.  Very very sweet and juicy.

A lot of seafood stalls on the first floor, open as a restaurant upstairs.  Therefore, they get the super fresh seafood daily from their own store.  We went overboard when ordering the food for breakfast.  It might be because we were hungry or we overwhelmed by great choices.

Grilled corn 260¥

Beef (Japanese black pig) 593¥

Seafood don 2,780¥

Sushi set (10 pieces) 2,180¥

Grilled salmon breakfast set 1,580¥
What a great breakfast meal we had!!  However, we left with a very big round tummy.  Too full.  That's why do not order food when you are hungry.

Jogai I Chiba (Curb Market)
About 10 minutes walk from Nijuyonken Station
Open: 06:00-17:00 (Restaurant from 07:00)

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Shiroi Koibito Park

07 November 2018

Ramen Alley, Sapporo

Just Landed In New Chitose Airport and Stay At APA Hotel Susukino-Ekimae



Ramen Alley
Ramen alley is a-must for ramen lovers.  Here, you can find different types of ramen dishes in one narrow alley.  It is not so far from our hotel, only less than 10 minutes walk.  So many great choices, we landed to these 2 shops.  The first one on the alley.  They serve miso ramen in the house. 

Sapporo beer 450¥

Spicy miso ramen 860¥ and siomay 300¥
Our first bowl and we were happy with it.  What can go wrong with miso ramen honestly!!  Plus it is spicy, so delicious.  The price is reasonably cheap for that a hell-big bowl of noodle.

The second shop we tried was the one with the big slab of chasu (grilled pork belly) on top.  This shop uses vending machine to order the food then pass the receipt to the chef.  He then freshly prepared and grilled the pork for us.  The portion was equally as huge as the previous shop.  The pork was very tender and delicious.  However, the broth was still lacking something compared to the spicy miso ramen earlier.  But overall, it was a yummy ramen dish.

Chasu ramen 980¥

Ganso Ramen Yokocho (Original ramen alley)
3 chome Minami 5 Jonishi Chuo Ward, Sapporo

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Sapporo Jogai I Chiba Fish Market (Curb Market)

06 November 2018

Just Landed In New Chitose Airport and Stay At APA Hotel Susukino-Ekimae


Yeah!!!  Finally our trip in Hokkaido had begun.  We arrived at the New Chitose Airport in mid afternoon.  By then our tummy were crouching.  So we headed to one of the shop in the airport.  Before that we walked pass the Smile Road where you can find Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park and playground, Hello Kitty and Melody theme restaurant as well as Royce chocolate shop.  We skipped all those, we planned to visit on our last day.  There are so many restaurants to choose from sushi, curry to ramen.

4 colors don - salmon, scallop, Kani crab and fish roes 1,680¥
We randomly picked this shop just because of they serve the authentic Hokkaido meals.  The seafood don and butter corn ramen.  Surprisingly the price is not so expensive considerate that they are inside the airport.  The quality and the flavor of the foods were totally great.   This was my first time trying butter corn ramen and I'm in love.  The butter actually made the broth richer and aromatic.  It was a great first meal in Hokkaido and we were absolutely satisfied.  Looking forward for more great foods in the town. 

Mini pork don and butter corn ramen 1,280¥
We caught the rapid train from airport to JR Sapporo station and from there we made our way by taxi to the hotel.  Which we found much more convenient and time saving compared to subway.

APA Hotel Sapporo-Susukino Ekimae
2 Chome-2-5 Minami 4 Jonishi, Sapporo
Ph: +81 11 511 4111
Exit No.3 from Hosui Susukino Station on Toho line (1 min walk)
Exit No.3 from Susukin Namboku Line (3 mins walk)

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Ramen Alley, Sapporo