16 March 2017

Vietnam Day 3 (Part 2): Hue City And Dong Ba Market

Vietnam Day 3: Orchid Hotel Hue and Hue Spring Bar And Restaurant

Walking from our hotel to Dong Ba market will take about 20 minutes or alternatively we can catch this dragon boat for only USD1/one way.  We skipped this and use our foot instead, as we never been around the Hue town and we just want to explore the city.  I know it will take abit of time but that's the charming of travelling, isn't it?  Then we planned to catch the boat back from market to the other side of the river, but unfortunately we couldn't see the wharf from there.  Therefore we walked back home again, but not too worry the weather was friendly.

In the afternoon, this small houses-like shop still hasn't open yet.  We definitely will back at night to find out what is it!

Perfume River

Dong Ba Market

To To - Café and ice cream shop on the way back

The shop looks very rustic and half loft

Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen 30,000VND

3 layers tang: mango, yogurt and blue curacao 21,000VND

Baking chocolate toast 35,000VND

coconut cake from Bao Thanh Bakery - 30,000VND
Kem Xong Khoi To To
1 Hung Vuong, Hue 054, Vietnam
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Vietnam Day 4: The Citadel (Hue Imperial City) And Up Cafe, Hue

06 March 2017

Vietnam Day 3: Orchid Hotel Hue and Hue Spring Bar & Restaurant

Vietnam Day 2 (Part2): Cu Chi Tunnels Tour And Street Food Market, Ho Chi Minh

breakfast - scrambled egg served with banh mi

After staying two nights in Ho Chi Minh, we moved up north to Hue.  The flight took roughly about 1 hour and 20 minutes with Vietjet.  

welcome drink and banana

After keeping our luggages in the hotel, we strolled along the Parfume river and saw this semi-outdoor restaurant.  Looks good and their menu also looks appetizing.  In Hue, there are a few specialize food that differ from Ho Chi Minh.  For example: their beef noodle soup is creamier than pho beef in Ho Chi Minh with a touch of tomato paste.  In here, they also famous with their nam lui hue and nam ran.  And while we were in Vietnam, I vowed to myself that I will order Vietnamese coffee whenever I see and I could.  Vietnamese drip coffee is very thick and aromatic.  It smells lovely and normally served with condensed milk for the sweet finish.

Orange juice 45,000VND

Vietnamese coffee 25,000VND

Nem Lui Hue - lemongrass pork wraps served with peanut sauce 60,000VND

Nem Ran - spring roll 49,000VND

Hue noodle soup with beef - Bun Bo Hue 35,000VND

Orchid Hotel Hue
30 Chu Văn An, Phú Hội, Tp. Huế
Phone: +84 54 3831 177
Hue Spring Bar And Restaurant
64 Lê Lợi, Phú Hội, Tp. Huế
Phone: +84 90 522 58 58
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04 March 2017

Vietnam Day 2 (Part2): Cu Chi Tunnels Tour And Street Food Market, Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam Day 2: War Remnants Museum, Independence Palace, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, Saigon Post Office, and Local Vietnamese Coffee Shop

Cu Chi Tunnels tour is a half day tour from Ho Chi Minh.  There are morning or afternoon session.  It cost 171,000VND and an extra 110,000 for entry fee to the tunnels.  The tunnels of Cu Chi are a network of underground passageway that run to more than 250 km length.   The Viet Cong soldiers used this tunnel as a hiding spot during the Vietnam War.

Heaps of different kind of traps

Inside tunnel is so dark and narrow.  According to our tour guide, Vietnamese men in the past are pretty tiny that's why they are comfortably staying in the tunnels

Shooting trial. About 35,000-40,000VND for 10 bullets

Happy face, just before the hardship of coming out from the hole

On the back, as the bus dropped some passengers at the back of Ben Thanh Market, we saw this Street Food Market.  We quickly got off the bus although it wasn't our stop.  This place is more interesting with our empty tummy were rumbling hard and we can worry how to get back to our hotel later.  We totally made a great choice.  This place is like a night market with lots of stalls seling range of Vietnamese and western from snacks to heavy meal.

Bun Thit Nuong 60,000VND

The grilled quail egg cake 35,000VND

Bun khot 60,000VND

Ben Thanh Market at night
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