21 November 2017

Morning Activities In Chiang Khan


Early morning around 5:30 am, we were waiting in front of our resort to saibat (give good merit for monks through food).  In Chiang Khan, it is their tradition that every morning to do saibat.  Locals and tourists lined up along the street waiting the group of monks walk pass from 9 different temples in the area.  Unlike in any other part of Thailand, in here they have a specific rule to give only sticky rice and some dry snacks.  It would be good and convenient to order the saibat set from the resort you stay. 

After fulfill our physiological needs, we then need to fulfill our physical needs with delicious goodies.  There is no breakfast provided in our resort (most of resorts are the same).  However, they will give you a breakfast coupon to be used in ร้านซอยซาว ข้าวเปียกเส้น (Ran Soi Sau).  The restaurant is located opposite Chic Boutique hotel and next to Wat Tha Krok.  You can have one serve of main meal to choose from Khai Krata (Vietnamese-style egg in the pan), Khao tom (rice porridge), or Khao piak (Laotian noddle soup).  It comes with unlimited patongko (Chinese fried bread stick), white bread and condiments plus make-your-own coffee or tea or milo drinks. 

self-service section

Patongko with condensed milk

Khao tom with pork

Khao piak

Khai kata

ร้านซอยซาว ข้าวเปียกเส้น
4 Chai Kong, Tambon Chiang Khan, Amphoe Chiang Khan, Chang Wat Loei

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14 November 2017

Chiang Khan


The view is amazing

Chiangkhan is a historic district in the northern part of Loei Province.  Set by the mighty Mekong river that separate Thailand from Laos.  The town is very slow and laid back.  So many foreigner and local retirees spend their free happy life here.

At night, this long narrow street of Chai Kong Road is turned into a vibrant walking street.  This street is lined with wooden merchant houses that mostly use as guesthouses and shops.  If you stay here, make sure to get the room that facing the river.

So many unique food are sold in this place, from light snacks like crispy grilled shrimps to a heavier food like pad-thai.  Not forget to mention too some Thai-style Bingsoo which is fresh rock melon topped with coconut ice cream.  At dinner time, we tried at one of the famous Laos food restaurant.  It is called Ran Huan Luang Prabang Restaurant.

Laos beer

Or Lam

Deep fried river fish

Making pad thai

Ran Huan Luang Prabang Restaurant
156 Moo 2, Chai Khong Road, Chiang Khan
Ph: +66 42 821 046

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06 November 2017

The Old Chiangkhan Boutique Hotel


From Khao Kho, we moved further north east toward Laos.  Stop at the city called Chiangkhan.  This old charming town has preserved their traditional-style houses.  One long street, right in the center of the town is where the main attraction and activity of this city.  Lined out with so many boutique hotels, restaurants, local coffee shops, and souvenir shops.  At night this long narrow street will turn into a walking street, packed with snacks and street food.  

In the morning, the ambiance changes into a quite peaceful morning by the river.  Sipping an aromatic coffee accompanied with a popular dish of this town, which is Khai Krata or Egg in the pan.

The Old Chiangkhan Boutique Hotel
288 Moo 1 Chaikong Road
Chiangkhan City Center, Chiangkhan
Ph: +66 81 873 8738

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03 November 2017

Khao Kho Resorts


Lucky Hill Resort

Those two nights in Khao Kho, we stayed at Lucky Hill Resort.  A small bungalow that can be filled with 4 adults and one child.  And outside this little house, you have a spacious private balcony to enjoy your dinner or just chill out watching the view.

We ordered our dinner from the local restaurant recommended by the resort.  They do delivery and it was very prompt and cheap.  At first, we didn't expect this much of food by looking at the price.  It was little too much to handle for just the four of us.  But they all tasted good.  Happy tummy.

Simple morning rice porridge for breakfast

Phufasai Resort
This Phufasai Resort is another resort that we ever stayed previously.  And I just want to share with you guys.  They have much better view compared to Lucky Hill.  But the feeling is different.  Phufasai Resort just an ordinary yet good resort.  Instead, with Lucky Hill is more like a homey feeling with a friendly service.

I find that the floor is quite slippery though

Khao Kho Lucky Hill Resort
Ph: +66 89 641 4248

Phufasai Resort, Khao Kho
212 Moo 7, Tambon Khaem Son, Amphoe Khao Kho, Phetchabun
Ph: +66 56 750 220

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02 November 2017

Pino Latte Resort And Cafe


In the top of the mountain, fresh breeze, chilly wind.  An early morning accompany with a hot cup of coffee and a piece of cake with a million dollars view.  What more can I ask?  This Pino Latte Cafe got the hot spot and landscape.  They also provide limited huts to stay as well, however it comes with a bit of price compared to any other resorts around the town.  But of course we need to pay something for this amazing view, right  And the rooms fill up very quick, as they only have 5 luxury rooms.  It is a modern style resort with a nice design.

The cafe itself will get crowded around Thai public holiday.  Otherwise, any other weekdays is the better time to visit this place.

Pino Latte Resort And Cafe
Ph: +66 87 099 4497

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