03 April 2015

Club Med Bali (Part 5 - Competition and Night Show)

Club Med Bali (Part 4 - Activities)

Staying in Club Med won't let you out of things to do.  You can just chilling and relaxing at the beach.  However, if you feel that your adrenaline pump and too much energy that you burst out to burn it all.  YES!!  This is definitely the right place to stay.

Club Med offers you a handful sports and activities to do on your own pleasure time or joining to their competition events that differs from time to time.  You can check them from the board.  Not only a serious competition they had, brilliant idea like blindfolded dart, mini ping pong or even judge-rules of mini golf and plenty more.

Ping pong

Mini Ping Pong Competition

Savour the winning moment

Practising Archery before the real competition

Still the last position and got the tiny pink balloon for reward

Mini golf

Cooking demonstration

Above all, when night comes, Club Med still alive and entertained people, they always provide the guests with a show that keep changing every night.  Then the closing up with the Club Med crazy signs dance and party.

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02 April 2015

Interesting things in Japan

Day 19: Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Japan is the country that really fulfil me.  Fulfil my sight, my memory and my tummy.  This country has all these interesting facts from the people, building to their delicacies.  I'm in love to this place even before I've visited here.  And After I explored this amazing place yet still it's amazed me even more and more.

Some of the photos below, are just some small parts of Japan in overall that I had randomly taken while I was there.  Nothing much, I just want to share to everyone what I had seen.  Please enjoy.  Octie Appetie...

'Old' Tokyo Tower

'New ' Sky Tower

These 2 trains were coming from 2 different directions on the same platform at the same time.  My first thought was one of the train must run on the wrong platform.  Luckily it stopped just in time, only about one foot apart.  I was wrong, it really was meant to be, one of the train were moving away slowly after dropping and picking up passenger.  Hmmm... I have never seen something like this before.  Very cool...

Peak hour metro

Vending machines

Japan is the country of vending machine.  You will see them almost everywhere, start from going out from the customs in the airport, information centre, public transport station, on the street, nearly every corner.  And interestingly, they not only have the boring soft drinks and chips' vending machines, but heaps range of ice cream, snacks, cigarettes and even the hot coffee in cups or hot corn soup in the can sell in a vending machine.

In some restaurants or fast food chain, they also apply this vending machine technique.  Where you choose what food you want then pay through it, after that hand in the receipt to the waiter inside the restaurant and the food normally will come short after.

Hot Corn Soup

And again, their convenient store is one of the place that I've visited most.  You nearly can get anything.. Any daily needs and extra.. From coffee to alcohol drinks, from light snacks to heavy meals, also openly display of adult magazines.

Coffee comes in take away cup in cold section

Alcohol drinks

How much I love their snacks appearance and packaging.  Most of them are very cute, appetising and wrapped in very very creative looking package.

Tokyo Banana limited edition


Takayama's signature sake

How Japanese loves their Pachinko

Japanese traditional toilet bowl

Beautiful colour of Autumn

20 February 2015

Club Med Bali (Part 4 - Activities)

Club Med Bali (Part 3 - Facilities)

Club Med is for everyone.  Not only adult can have fun in Club Med, definitely kids as well.  While parent enjoying the sport activities around the resort, kid can join the kid's club and in there it is not like an ordinary childcare.  The assigned GO will bring them to have some fun by teaching them to dance, doing some show at the stage, sing-walking around the resort.  And of course they also can meet new friends.

Kid activities: Soap slider

BBQ by the beach in the late afternoon

Kid's show

Meet Mr. Komo The Frog

My son really enjoy the swimming pool

Main swimming pool

Everyday at 12pm, GO will gather around the main pool and guide the people inside the pool to do some exercise and crazy sign movement in the water.  It was very tiring and I wouldn't stay the whole session.  And I couldn't believe how people can stand the direct heat as well, but it was really fun though.

The quite pool

Not only swimming activity that you can do in this resort, there are plenty more available at no cost at all.  From indoor to outdoor sport activities,  There is actually snorkeling, wind surfing as well, but I haven't got the pictures for it.  You need to sign up early in the morning as it is limited to few numbers of people per day and it also depend on the water current and the wind condition too.



Petong competition

Beach volley

Flying Trapeze

Pool table


Badminton and Basketball court

Tennis court


Spa - for extra cost**

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