03 March 2014

Day 0: Welcome to Japan

Qantas Business Class Lounge
Qantas Lounge

Range of salads

Neil Perry's Pork Belly dish.  So yummmm...
Qantas Lounge at Sydney International Airport 

Finally, my day flying to Japan has come.  The trip that I had planned since last 3 years ago got cancelled due to terrible Tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.  I really looking forward to visit and see this beautiful country by my eyes. 

Narita International Airport

Handfree trolley on escalator
I have never seen trolley on escalator before.  When I just arrived at the airport as usual, we picked the trolley for our bags, but of course once we see an escalator that we need to pass through, we will park it on the side and drag our luggages manually.  However, this nice lady who working and helping people at the airport, just speaking something in Japanese which I obviously don't understand and push our trolley down to the escalator.  I can pick that her sign language saying that it's OK to use trolley, but hey!!!!  Trolley and Escalator, come on!!!  They don't belong together, right!!!!!!  But in here, from the normal straight trolley, it can bend according to the levelled escalator.  Ehmmm.. Amazing!!!

Still in shock looking at our luggages that might rolling down the escalator, which didn't happen though.  And we were walking following the trolley with our jaw drop.  Realising after we reach the bottom of escalator that we haven't said 'thank you' to the lady up there. Oooops!!!!

From Narita International Airport, we catched NEX, which apparently is the fastest transport to get us to Tokyo and the most convenient too.  However, there is of course some price to pay for those advantages.  It costs ¥3,110 for one way direct from Narita International Airport to Ikebukuro Station which is two more stops after Tokyo stations, and takes about slightly less than two hours journey.

Pork Cutlet Sandwich ¥600 and Iced Coffee ¥300

Only a few hours that we've been here yet this country had 'WOW' me a couple of times already.  First, with that brilliant trolley and now splitting train.  From airport, there are 8 carriages train run along together, but when we arrive at Tokyo station, they split, the first 4 carriages are going down south to Ofuna and the rest to Ikebukuro in the north side.  Amazing, isn't!!!!

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