18 April 2012

Vanilla Brasserie & Lenotre, Siam Paragon Bangkok (Day3, Part2)


After splashing some cash for my crazy shopping mission in Platinum Mall, we then made our way to luxurious Siam Paragon Shopping Center for some more shopping and of course FOOD !!!  It took us around 10 minutes only by taxi to get there, so not that far at all.

Vanilla Brasserie
Ground Floor, Siam Paragon Shopping Center
991/1 Rama I Road
Pathumwan Bangkok 10330
Ph: +66 02-610 9383

Opening hours: 10am - 9pm


Vanilla Brasserie.. what a nice name !!!  Not only that, the restaurant where is located on the ground floor of Siam Paragon Shopping Mall was derived from the European sensibilities mixed with fashionable youngster.  Its menu houses some of the modern western dishes with top quality produces as well as the delightful bakery and desserts alongside with range of coffees and teas.

Macadamia Latte ฿110 ($3.40 for currency of ฿32)
Beautiful flavoured latte that I got here, with a single piece of choc chip cookie as well.  Sounds good to me !

Hot Cherry Flavoured Tea ฿85 (about $2.65)

Fettuccini Grilled Fish (Pla Yang) ฿350 (about $11)
The food was just alright, but I like the idea of grilled fish on top of the fettuccine.  It adds the texture to the dish and this fusion dish goes surprisingly well together.

For me, Western-style cafe in many Asian countries is not really my cup of tea.  Besides saying that, I truly loves their local restaurants and street food.  This is simply because from my perspective, the cafes in Asia tends to misinterpret the REAL cafe' culture from western point of view.  Whereas in Asia, you often find all the cafes luxed up and located in the shopping malls with an expensive price tag when comparing to the local restaurants.  Without any doubts lots of them have a really fine and elegant decoration too.  Maybe I'm just being a bit too negative, or probably I grew up in the real and authentic local cafe life in Australia.  Well, when I think about cafe, I picture things like me on one lazy sunday morning, with my fav mags, sitting under the warm morning sun, with my usual latte and my delicious sandwich or just catching up with some friends sipping hot chocolate and a naughty piece of homemade cheesecake.  Or just something quick to grab before we start our daily routine.  So, basically is the place that very comfy, local, raw and abit of rustic mode.  But yeah... for once awhile it's ok to try !!!

Ground Floor, Siam Paragon Shopping Center
1 Rama I Road, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330
Ph: +66 02 129 4365

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

Eventhough I'm not that keen on cafes in Asian countries but that doesn't apply to western-influenced cake or sweet shops.

The sampler of everything, ehmm.. probably not everything.  This really is a brilliant idea and suit me well as it showcase all the restaurant's specialties in minisize, so that I can taste all the yummy sweets in one go without torturing my already fat tummy.

Raspberry Eclair
Yum.. Yum... Yumm...  Every single bit of it just sooo yummm.  Sweet pastry with slightly tangy raspberry cream filling.  It was simply delicious.

Choc Banana Tart ฿ 115 (about $3.60)
Chocolate and banana..  Rich and healthy..  Heavy and light.  Very contradictive ingredient but what it will be if they're combined together and transform into a naughty cheeky dessert!!!  They are just perfectly married together in heaven and taste absolutely second to none.  Althought, the tart was a little too dry.

Top: Macaroons ฿100 and Bottom: Chocolate Crisps

If restaurant is not what you are aiming for, let me tell you, here in Siam Paragon they have the hugh food court as well selling everything that you could ever think of fitting in a fine food court.  Unfortunately, I couldn't display much photos cos one of the seller refused me from taking pictures of her food.  I came across couple of times about this issue in Bangkok.  Not happy!!!!

Outside Siam Paragon with Christmas decorations

BTS ( sky train)
If you stay in the hotels in the Bangkok CBD, BTS will come to handy as it reaches most of the major destinations of the Bangkok City providing you with the great connection to many shopping centres and important places in Bangkok.  To avoid the Bangkok deadly traffic, catching BTS is the best idea to get around and it is very cheap too !!!  Love it !!

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  1. I really wish we had a Lenotre here! I miss having all of those lovely cakes and pastries :)

  2. Oh, I was expecting a review on Thai food! That does seem unusual to see pasta being served up in Bangkok but I guess it makes for a great change if you're wanting a change from Thai. The pastries and desserts look gorgeous xx

  3. What a shame that woman wouldn't allow you to take photos! Unbelievable. But you certainly have some lovely images on this post. It looks like an incredible place to wander and browse and dine xx