20 September 2011

Day 15 - Ngong Ping 360

It's time for us visiting the well-known Big Buddha in Ngong Ping. Today the weather wasn't friendly at all. It was awfully windy when we were in Hong Kong Island but when we were up there it started to pouring and we couldn't see much from cable car, all foggy and even worst on the way back. Feeling a little bit spooky cos we were surrounded by all mist outside the cable car although maybe even better for people who afraid of the height cos you barely see nothing and don't know where you up to as well. hehehehe....

We bought the '360 holiday guided tour' package for the crystal cabin which I think the most worthed for the value wise comparing to the other packages and it nearly cover most of their places of interest. We boarded this crystal cabin with a transparent glass floor, not just for thrilling bird eyes view but also shorter in the queueing, skipping hundreds of people...

Once we up there and waiting for the tour, we grabbed a quick lunch just from Subway and its basically same like subway in OZ nothing too fancy about it. Then we headed straight to the meeting point. The tour including Tai O Fishing Village, Po Lin Monastery, Giant Buddha and Ngong Ping Village by air-conditioned coach with a guided service. We didn't have a chance watching the Monkey Tale because we thought it was included in the package but it actually with the Journey of Enlightenment Package though they may sell the ticket separately.

Cheese Steak from Subway

Tai O Fishing Village

Its like a small fisherman village and most of the people sell the sea-livestocks for living. They have range of fresh live seafood to the preserved and dried products, not only for fish and other ordinary seafood that you normally see on sale in the market but they also have star fish, sea horse, and all the weirdo stuff too...

Dried Star Fish

Look at that!!! we only 7381 km away from our lovely home Australia..

Giant Buddha

It's time for our lunch, the best time of the day obviously hehehe... As we here in the holy place and to make the most out of it, we decided to be a vegetarian at least for one meal. So we can pay some respects to this holy place while still eating healthy. Surprisingly all of them were nice, the fried things are oil-y less yet still full of flavour. It costs only HK$10 for 3 pieces and plenty to choose from.

Clockwise from left: Vegetarian Spring roll, Special cake (Purple Yam), Pan Fried Red Bean, Taro

Clockwise from top left: Lotus Seed Pastry, BBQ Sauce Bun, Lotus Cake, Salty Dumpling, and BBQ Sauce Bun again..

Soy Milk HK$12 (about AUD 1.50)

After a long day in Ngong Ping, its time to enjoy some night life this city has to offer. I'm talking about Hong Kong most endearing road, namely Nathan Road which never sleep. As it is the main road in Kowloon, bustling neon lights, traffic crowd, noises and so many shops and local restaurants magneting to all visitors. Therefore, cruising along this road is impossible to skip once you in Hong Kong. 

Egg Waffles
Shop E, 178 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Egg Waffles HK$15 (about AUD1.90)
When people keep mentioning about the popular egg waffles in Hong Kong, for me taste pretty regular. Though they got a nice crunch texture and egg-y flavour but it was too bland for a waffle in my perspective. This shop seems always full with people lining up for their egg waffles.

Sichuan BBQ Restaurant, Mongkok

In this shop, mainly their concept is serving grilled skewers with drinks and lots of chit chats.. The place is quite small and you have to squeeze in with other people but still quite comfy though. Kitchen just right in the front of the shop, that's what I like about it... And since the food are served in pretty small portion dish so we can try lots of different kinds.

Foie Gras with Toast

Grilled Garlic Scallop

We had bit of 'Lost in Translation' problem here, noones could speak English. Actually we ordered the grill pineapple for the last dish but they gave us the garlic eggplant instead. When we asked one of the waiter, she showed me the list of dishes that I ordered which is obviously in Chinese to prove that It wasn't their fault and please note that those lists was from the register's print out, not from the order pad that I had ticked. So never knew who's done wrong here, but don't wanna go further, don't wanna looking for problem here better missed my little dessert than get unexpected surprise from them, you know what I mean!!! As the old saying goes, "Don't mess with the person who handle your food". Earlier before they even gave me the wrong drink we actually ordered the chrysanthemum but gave us 7up, but they did changed for us. So, well......

Octie Appetie....


  1. Is the 360 guided tour a half day or whole day tour? thanks :) would you recommend to get a tour or DIY?

    1. So far as i can remember, the guided tour takes roughly about 2 or 3 hrs. But then you can have time on your own up there before you go back by yourself with cable car. Depends on what you wanna see in there. For Tai O village, you definitely need a coach to go there but for the Giant Buddha and the Monastery can be reached by walking distance from the cable car station. If you are into the history sided of it then taking a tour can be very informative. Otherwise you can go on your own. Hope this helps