03 January 2014

Cataract Gorge, Launceston (Tasmania - Part 1)

We arrived there in Launceston on the Anzac day, at around 11 am the town still very quite, there were not much shops open.  My tummy was already screaming, so we popped in some random cafe along the main road, Banjo's Cafe.  Later on, I just found out that Banjo's actually pretty popular for local with few branches around town.

Quiches and BBQ Chicken Pizza
Meat Pie
Banjo's Bakery Cafe
98-100 Brisbane Street, Launceston
Ph: (03) 6331 3316

Opening hours:
7 Days a Week, 6am – 6pm

Although there were not much stores open, but the weather was lovely on that day.  So it cheer me up a little bit.  We took a short walk (about half an hour) from our hotel to Cataract Gorge.  There are actually two ways to reach there.  First, is from tiny mountain side (a small way after the bridge, if you walk from the city central) or from the town itself passing houses.  The first options may sounds very long walk but in fact is it isn't.  The street more flat compared to another way which the street leading you to an up and down steeply. (pictures below).

Mountain way

Villages way

Hotel Grand Chancellor, Launceston

The hotel look a bit old with a colonial touch.  But overall, it is very comfortable and clean with a great location as well.  The staffs were friendly and helpful too.  Nice hotel to stay.

As we thought, it won't be much restaurants open today, we decided to have a fine dinner at the hotel.

Freshly Sucked Pacific Oyster

Caesar Salad

Beef Poterhouse

Grilled Chicken

Risotto and Grilled Salmon

Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Raspberry Cake and Chocolate Brulee
 The Grand Chancellor Hotel
29 Cameron St, Launceston
Telp: 03 6334 3434

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