10 April 2012

Children's Day and Mont Nom Sod @MBK, Bangkok (Day2)

Hua Pla Chongnonsea, Thailand

We begin our day with a lovely breakfast at home, we had those crispy Sai Grog Isan (Eastern-Thai style sausages), Sai Ua (Northern Thai style sausages), Deep fried Pla Tu (humble mackerel), Moo Ping (in the plastic), and some sticky rice.  What a great food to start off the day!!!!!

Today is actually the National Children's day in Thailand, and every schools will spoil their students by having the singing and dancing performances, sports activities and of course plenty of FREE FOOD!!!!  So here are some of the delectable snacks and food that they provided.

Khanom Krok (coconut pancake)
This is one of my favourite street food snack, the coconut mixture that been cooked on the circular cast-iron pans and you can find this stalls in most places in Thailand, however, this typical snack is normally sell until noon only.  I would say that this snack is more like sweet and salty flavour combination with crispy outer and still gooey custard-like inside.

Clockwise from top left: Som Tum, กระเพาะปลา (Krapo Pla) Dried Fish Maw Soup, Grass Jelly Ice Blade, Pad Krapao Samutphrakarn
Those are just a little number of food that they provided in the school canteen.  They are all super delicious especially because it's free.  Mhuahahaha...

Now, lets move on to Mahboonkrong!!!  What an awesome place to spend the rest of my day...

In my previous blog about Thailand, I used to mention about this place, Mont Nom Sod, for me much easier to call is the 'Milk shop' and one of them is located in the popular shopping mall in Bangkok, MBK (Mahboonkrong).  The place is so chill and relaxing, great for hang out with friends or just loss in time on your own with your favourite book accompanied by a cup of chocolate milk with toasts topped with a handmade warm custard spread.  Definitely a better choice than a cafe or any coffee shop as fresh milk not only taste good also claimed as healthier drinks as well!!!

Mont Nom Sot (Fresh milk from Mont Shop)
The fresh milk comes in hot and cold and available in varieties of flavours to satisfy everyone tastebuds (plain, chocolate, strawberry).

Iced Chocolate Milk and Hot Fresh Milk

Kanom Pang Ping (Char-Grilled bread) with Condensed Milk and Sangkaya
Unbelieveable that the usual bread can turned out to be so dead-licious, grilled to shape a nice crispy bits on the edges and smeared with heaps of condensed milk or you can have it with flavoured custard or as simple as just butter and sprinkled of sugar.  What a nice treat after a long walk of shopping!!!!  The price is quite cheap so no need to be worry that it will bother your shopping money.

Mont Nom Sod, MBK
2nd floor, MBK Centre
444, Phaya Thai Rd.
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

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  1. I didn't know there was a country that had a children's day. Wouldn't my children just love to live in Thailand! xx