15 May 2012

One Fine Day in Thai Temple (Day6)


Thai people from what I know are very family oriented and their customs are pretty similar to many Asian countries where they pay tribute to their loved one's death anniversary.  I was fortunate enough to be brought to my hubby hometown temple to witness this beautiful ritual which is still thriving in the Thai modern lifestyle.

The day started before dawn.  Family members gathered together to prepare meals (a lot of food) and often be the ancestors favorite which believed that their loved one will come and enjoy their treats.  Then later on they will go to the local temple where some of their ancestor's ash is kept.  Then the monks who provide the memorial service will pray to accept the homage and bless the ash and that is pretty much it for the ceremony.

For me, I think this is a really beautiful culture they have because the family members are united and bond together, cooking, enjoying the feasts and paying respect to those who passed away.  I mean at least that would be the best thing that we all can do for someone we love and care right even when they already gone.  

Deep Fried Cat Fish with Nam Jim Jaew

Tod Man Pla (Fish Cakes)

Khanom Jean Gaeng Kiew Wan (Thai Green Curry with Rice Noodles)

Orange and Sultana Cake

Khanom Tan - Toddy Palm Cake

While the monks are having the food served by the families, at this time we all just waited outside or some may attend around there just to assist the monks if they need any helps or wanting more food.  The savoury menus will be served first following by the dessert.  However, there are some senior teaching monk who is very disciplined will mix all the food together into his own bowl, then just have it that way.  Reason being, in Thai Buddhist the monks were preliminary taught not to stick and obsess with the taste of all senses including food since in their early monkhood.  Therefore, they destroy the taste of the food by mixing everything together whether it be savoury or dessert or even fruits, and just eat it like nothing happened.  My hubby also supported that actions by claiming that by doing that way, you would not be too concern or worry about what you gonna eat as literally we human only need the food to survive in order to do good things, help the others and improve your spiritual position.

For me, of course sounds very strange and impossible to attempt but surely there's a good reason behind that.  Exciting stuffs, isn't ??

Handmade Coconut Ice Cream

Here's come the moment that I have been waiting for !!!  It is now our turn to enjoy the food after watching them prepared since in the morning has made me soo craving and starving to the max.  So we helped ourself grabbing whatever we like and I quite like how Thais having sharing meal sets together most of the time.  Because sharing is caring, right??

After I chose what seems to be yummy by the look of them as I have no idea what they are by name.  He mentions that this is a very special local delicacy that his grandma expertise and specialise in.  Then my highlight is when we all circled up on the cool marble floor to enjoy the meals in the colorful aluminium tray.  What a classic and beautiful way for today's lunch!!!

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  2. I don't know much about Thai culture but I do know a bit about Thai cuisine and it has to be my favourite. I've also heard only good things about Thai Airways xx