12 April 2014

Day 5: Shibu Onsen

Day 5: Kokuya Ryokan, Shibu Onsen (Part 2)

Red bean manju

Shibu Onsen is a little peaceful town about 45 minutes from Nagano by train.  This place is far different from the hustling bustling Tokyo, in here the town only have roughly couple thousands people and very famous with their public baths and also visiting Snow Monkey Park is highly recommended if you stay here. 

One of the temple in town

Curry restaurant
Irori Fireplace
Omoshiroya Yugijo (shooting gallery and cork guns)

Tiny laneway with cobblestone street
Spend some relaxing time strolling around the tiny laneway in this town is amust.  With wearing kimono and Geta, absorbing the authentic Japanese atmosphere and old architectures.  Feel really romantic and indulgent in the charms and nostalgic of this town.

There are 9 public baths in Shibu Onsen town and they are free for you to use if you stay in one of the Ryokan in Shibu Onsen and more privilegely you still can have an access to public bath at night.  Otherwise, if you don't stay here overnight, you can buy the ticket for public baths from the information centre.

Public Bath

Foot bath

Loving this moment

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:
Day 5: Kaiseki Dinner at Kokuya Ryokan

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