11 April 2014

Day 5: Kokuya Ryokan, Shibu Onsen (Part 2)

Day 5: Kokuya Ryokan, Shibu Onsen (Part 1)

Kokuya Ryokan
Kokuya Ryokan

Soft boiled egg cooked in onsen (Onsen Tamago)
Definitely gotta try this onsen tamago, they just right in front of Kokuya Ryokan.  The egg is slowly cooked in the water from onsen (hot spring).

Wooden Geta

Free internet

There are 8 hot spring baths inside ryokan with 2 of them are for private use.  The bath room is separated between male and female use and it then gets swapped at 9pm.  The bath is differed by 3 different colour curtain, red for ladies, blue for men and green for private use.  These are the photos of their hot spring baths.

Natural Hot Spring
Kokuya Ryokan, Shibu Onsen
Shibu onsen street, Yamanouchi town Shimotakai-gun
Ph: 0269-33-2511

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:
Day 5: Shibu Onsen

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