10 October 2015

Club Med Bali (Fine Dining in Batur Restaurant)

Club Med Bali (Food - Part 2)

Club med is not only providing buffet meal at their main restaurant.  But here in Bali, they also have a specialty restaurant that served ala carte menu at dinner time called Batur Restaurant.

So, if you already stay for a few days in Club Med and starting to get bored with their buffet food.  Which is never happened to me though because they keep changing their menu every day.  Or if you are looking for something more fine and luxury meal, this is more likely the legitimate reason to try their fine dining menu in their specialty reataurant.  

Bread, salad and drinks are unlimitedly served in the corner of the room.  Please help yourself. 

The food in this specialty restaurant is way better and distinguished a lot from the buffet food.  The food are served just like in any other fine dining restaurant.  Very well presented and was tasted pretty good too.   

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