14 June 2012

Pai, Mae Hong Son - Day 2 (Part 2)


I keep telling that Chiang Mai is an amazingly charming and romantic city.  Great weather all year round, beautiful landscape and scenery, beautiful locals and home to many yummy cuisines.  Apparently It is voted as one of the best place in the world to retire by many medias.  Of course, me and my hubby are also one of those people who have been planning to retire there one day as well.

The pictures below are just some example of many cute cafes, restaurants and shops there.  Most of them have uniquely different in character and concept such as design, art wall and inside decoration.  Very artistic.

Today we were heading west to little town namely Pai.  I'm sure lots of foreigners would have no clue where Pai is.  Pai is actually a classic tiny town in a remote mountain valley of Mae Hong Son province in the Northern Thailand near boarder of Myanmar.  We managed to get there by catching this small airplane which nearly the size of a good pick-up van that fit 12 passengers maximum and the funny thing is you can simply reach the pilot's shoulder just an arm's length.

The flight takes about 20 minutes on the pretty low altitude, but there is also another way to get there actually which is by car that will take approximately 4 to 5 hours driving (approx 150 km) and as it in the peak of the mountain so you can imagine how rough is the way and apparently they have 762 curves within and most of the people will throw up even for the strong driver.  Don't be afraid after what I said though, for the people who enjoy driving at least you will see all the beautiful scenery.  But, prepare a plastic bag and some motion-sickness pills, in case if you need them.  So, which way do you prefer ??

With the Pilot

Believe it or not this is Pai Airport
That's what you seeing is the Pai Airport, no custom check and no baggage carousel, etc.  And oh.. hoo..!!! I can see our luggages right there!!!!  Once we landed, they will drop everyone luggage on the trolley and few more minutes later they took off again as only one plane in and out this city!!!!  Nice experience and unforgettable one as well.

Villa Suite @Pai River Corner Resort

This resort was very peaceful although located right at the end of the busy night market but somehow I feel so serene as the resort faces the calm flowing Pai River.  The room was spacious, clean and they have this glass door separate the lounge and bedroom assuring that we can have a nice and quite sleep at night.

Pai River Corner Resort Hotel
94 m.3, Vingtai, Pai, Mae Hong Sorn
PH: +66 53 699 049

The Coffee Tea Sapan is a cafe-restaurant type thing, in the morning is a nice-looking cafe selling these coffee and cold drinks as well as cakes and other sweets but at night its transformed itself to be a romantic dining place overlooking the Pai's memorial bridge.  Their food was pretty good and the view was absolutely spectacular.  Highly recommended !!

Thai-style dinner meal and Blueberry Cheesecake

The Market Village of Pai
Thailand is packed with night markets, shopping and eating.  Most of the cities in Thailand will have their proud to present markets and Pai is not different.  Along the Pai road, filled with heaps of handmade souvenirs, cloths, coffee shops, hand crafts, food stalls and drinks.  The thing I love the most about this tiny city is the facts that they have lots of cute and unique little bistros and cafes.  Don't be too quick to judge that this city only for relaxing place, doing nothing and just chilling out.  They also offer heaps of outdoor activities such as trekking with locals, kayaking and bamboo rafting to float down the Pai river as well.

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  1. It's me, your cousin ;)

    The photos look really good! From your description, I thought the plane would look more dodgy but it looks new, modern, and safe-ish, ha ha ha.

    Since you're in Sydney, you should do MORE Sydney!! ha ha ha...

    1. Yeah!!! I should do more Sydney, shouldn't I!!

      But for now I even doing the back log still Hahaha...