14 April 2014

Day 5: Kaiseki Dinner at Kokuya Ryokan


By 6pm, we made ourself ready heading to the dining room in the ground floor.  At the front door, we were so impressed by seeing our name on the dining room board.  Small little attention to detail is so touching. 

Then the lady lead us to our private room and the waiter served the food one dish after another.  All together there are 13 courses dinner meal.

Persimmon and Apple with Grated Tofu Dressing
Assort of Appetizer
# York Mustard dressing of Kyoho Grape
# Assorted of deep fried food (The dead leaves which had drifted in the garden)
# Duck and onion with olive oil dressing
#Candied ayu
#Local salmon with yolk potato suhi
# Deep fried ears of rice

Sashimi - Sliced of red salmon and arai
Arai is the thing to make fresh slice of raw carp to wash in cold ice water and to have shrunk body.

Baked local chicken, matsutake-mushroom, prawn, sea bream and chestnut in pottery casserole

Soy bean milk Chawan-mushi
This Chawan mushi is a little special than the ordinary one, is a pot of steamed soybean milk with cheese and cashew nut.

Roasted miso flavour beef wrapped in leaf

Tofu of crab and chrysanthemum with ginger miso

Deep fried Nameko-mushrooms with grated yam

Variety of local mushrooms and vegetables with vinegary dressing

Zaru soba spices, wasabi, green onions, grated radish
 Soba-yu is the hot water that they got after boiling soba noodle.  They mentioned that after we finish soba noodle, we then should drink the soba yu, in addition to soba soup usually.

# Steamed rice - the new rice crop of the year
# Soup with conger pike and water shield
# vegetable pickles

Chestnut Parfait

We had a really high expectation in this kaiseki dinner, however, we left a little dissapointed by the end of the meal.  I gotta admit that their food decorations were absolutely stunning, a piece of art work in there.  But taste wise is hit and miss.  I understand that they want to let the produce itself to shine on the plate with freshness and clean taste.  Unfortunately, the dishes are lacking in flavours, although not all the dishes, some were quite good though like the assorted appetizer and miso beef.

However, their hospitality was certainly a top knot quality.  Very polite, friendly and prompt service.

Snow Monkey Cloudy Sake

Once we were back to our room.  The futon beds are nicely done for us.  Look very thick and soft.  We surely will have a good night sleep tonight.  Octie Appetie everyone and see you again tomorrow for more journey in this little town.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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