03 July 2012

Pai, Mae Hong Son - Day 4 (Part 1)

Sunrise at Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son - Day 3

American Style Breakfast
There is no buffet breakfast here at Pai River Corner Resort but instead you can choose between a set of American or Thai style breakfast.  You're probably familiar with American style breakfast, like the big breakfast meal that we normally have in Australia but for Thai style is actually a set of congee/rice porridge with salted egg and assorted pickles and they all come with any drinks or juices.

Look at the resort's dining area.  How beautiful it is!!!  Panoramic and unparalleled view, outdoor, facing the calm flowing Pai River, fresh morning breeze and bathing under the warm morning sun.  It is such a tranquil atmosphere and definitely where I want to have my breakfast every morning.  Nothing gets any better than this.

Pai River
Pai is a tiny city on the top of mountain that enchanted with their picturesque landscape and so many unique- style of restaurants and cafes there.  It's ideal for people who love taking photos of the antique scenery and laid back lifestyle.

Coffee Tea Sapan and Pai Memorial Bridge

The Coffee In Love, for example, is one of the famous icon here in Pai.  Although the coffee itself was pretty average but they have this very cute giant COFFEE IN LOVE sign in front of the cafe to catch all the eyes and great for getting some pose up too.  You would see this place in some Thai movies as well (if you do watch some).  In the busy days, you might need a bit of wait to get photograph of this LOVE symbol.  Ps. some Thai said, "if you didn't have a photo with this LOVE icon, you haven't arrived Pai yet".

Wat Nam Hoo
Wat Nam Hoo is approximately 2km from Pai city and houses a sacred Buddha statue said to have emitted holy water from its head from time to time.  This holy water believed to heal the sickness and bring prosper.  There's also a small market near the temple selling souvenirs and local fruits, especially orange.

After wandering around Pai, we headed our way to further north where the border of Thai and Chinese lies and most of them who lives there, are the minority of Yunnan people.  This place I am talking about is Suntichon Yunnan village.  Therefore, the architecture, home decor and stuffs they sell still really strong in Chinese-influenced.  Make sure you try their Chinese chestnut and sip Oolong tea served with sun-dried sweet plum.

Time for tea break

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  1. There looks to be so much to do there! And the giant tiffin is great! :D