26 October 2011

Song Fang Khong, Fairfield

If you are looking for something authentic, something very flavoursome, something that wickedly spicy and got your nose running like a faucet and face turns red yet still can't stop you from eating it, something that will make your mouth-watering just by dreaming about it..  Here it is!!!  Without doubt, this would be the best choice.  Song Fang Khong is only a tiny local Lao food restaurant which is located in the West suburban area, Fairfield.   By dinner time, this place always become packed with dinners.  The food is incredibly delicious and pungent and unforgetable.

Dining area

Sticky Rice

Crispy Fried Chicken $7.50
Honestly, we didn't plan to order this dish at first because deep fried chicken.. ehmmmmm.. it's pretty ordinary Thai cuisine dish, isn't it??  But the picture on the menu made us abandon those Lao sausages and go for this chicken instead.  They didn't let us down at all.  Chicken skin was very crispy and the meat itself just right with the saltyness and the sauce ohh boy... so so yummy. I'm typically a saucey person and that sauce, I swear I can have it with just only sticky rice.

Moo Dad Deaw (Thai Style Pork Jerky) $7.50
Moo Dad Deaw is actually a deep fried sun-dried pork.  Unlike other places that serve a tough Moo Dad, here the pork is really tender yet maintain their own texture as sun-dried pork.  Really goes well with sticky rice.  What I usually do though...  just roll a spoonful of sticky rice using your hand then topped with a piece of Moo Dad is like making a sushi but Lao-style, then dipped in the Som Tum (Papaya Salad) sauce... hope this makes sense. Taste is heavenly delicious.  You will want the second and third and...

Lao Papaya Salad $7.50
Lao-style papaya salad is fairly different from Thai Som Tum.  It's more piquant and depth in flavour as they use Brine crab and Pla Ra in their sauce based to enhance the taste and make the colour alive and darker as well.  Nicely done.  Pla ra sauce is actually a fermented fish-sauce that very popular in Northestern Thai cuisine, very strong smell and aromatic in flavour. 

Grilled Ox Tounge $7.50
When this dish at first came to our table, we both wondering whether we could finish them all, it was massive.  But at the end, we managed until the last piece.  Even some of them were abit tough and hard to chew but it doesn't change my point-of-view about this dish as most of them were still enjoyable and tender.

Lemon Soda. So Refreshing...

Song Fang Khong
7 Anzac Avenue
Fairfield NSW 2165
Ph: (02) 9728 4552

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  1. That crispy fried chicken looks delicious and I can believe the price!

  2. I meant 'can't believe the price'!

  3. Yeah.. this place surely will get ur tummy filled up with soooo many yummy dishes but still won't break your bank hahaha...

  4. Wow, i jsut took my family to this place and the only word to described their food is "amazing"
    Great food, good service and excellent price!! i'll surely be a return customer