01 August 2012

Morning in Vientiane & Wat Phra Tat Luang, Laos (Day2)

Kong View Restaurant, Vientiane

Stone Steak House Restaurant & Bar

Buffet Breakfast

How can I live without these gorgeous eggs
The good thing with Asian countries is that if you stay in the hotel, most of them are including the breakfast as well.  This morning, we woke up pretty early to enjoy the buffet breakfast from the hotel before we heading to Vang Vieng, around 3 hours driving from Vientiane.  It's only a 3 and half star hotel so the breakfast was quite average but it satisfied me very well with those yummy Asian style congee and my all time favourite sunny side up eggs.

Inter City Boutique Hotel, Vientiane
24-25 Fa Ngum Rd, Ban Wat Chan
Chanthabuly district, Vientiane, Lao P.D.R
Tel: +856 21 263788, 242842-4

Som Tum and BBQ shop
Most of Laotian, they don't normally have breakfast in the morning or if they do, they can go as heavy as Som Tum and BBQ Chicken for their breakie.  I don't think my tummy can handle that intense sourness and spiciness from an extreme dish early morning, my tummy would be in unbearably shock, if I do!!!

Quite and peaceful morning in Vientiane
Although, I already had a nice morning meal in the hotel but my tummy strongly asked for French Baguette. Without knowing the city direction, I wandered around the quite street of Vientiane insearching for that famous baguette.  Before hand, the lady from the concierge told me that I should be able to find the shop selling baguettes on the main road not far from hotel.  Yes!!  She's right.  Eventhough, I can't see anyone on the street but inside this shop, few earlybird people were enjoying their bread and drinks.

Baguette, pâté, pork and vegetable ₭ 6000 (around 75 cents)
This the one that I've been wanting to try, French Baguette.  No doubt for the taste wise, it is completely delicious, but not something new perhaps.  This baguette is very similar to the one we known in Australia as Vietnamese Pork Roll, that's probably because the country is side by side so the food-influenced is pretty strong. One important fact is Laos and Vietnam once ruled by French for many years, so when they're gone, not only leaving the colonial architecture but some of the food too, like this baguette for example become part of Laotian daily routine since.

For the baguette in Laos, the bread, Pâté are exactly the same with the one they use for Vietnamese roll, but the different is in here they use cooked pork meat instead of ready use ham and smeared with plentiful of special mayo.  It taste so yummm..  and Milo drink makes a great partner to go with.

Phra That Luang, Vientiane

This golden steeple is an architectural wonder and is the national icon of Laos.  Phra That Luang is believed to be built by the Vientiane's first leader, Chanta Burisriprasitthisak together with few monks in order to accommodate 26 relics of the Lord of Buddha back in the 16th century.  The recommended time to visit is around sunset when the orangey colour from the sun glowing behind the Gold Pagoda.

Fresh young coconut drink

Sweet sticky rice snacks from the stalls

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  1. i miss that laid-back life style in Vientiane. thx 4 d post.

  2. I am really enjoying this Laos series! And interesting that they either go for nothing for breakfast or something quite substantial! :)