18 May 2012

Thai Airways Business Class, Bangkok - Sydney (Day7)

One Fine Day in Thai Temple

For those who may wonder what the business class for Thai Airways looks like, so I decided to post up this blog just for you guys to see what sort of differences that you can expect when you are on board.  Don't expect a wordy blog as honestly the picture may speak louder and explain almost everything ( lazy mode on ).  Hehehe..  So Octie Appetie, guys !!!

Complimentary amenity kit

First course for the breakfast
They started off the meal by offering this beautifully craved fruits, vanilla yogurt, and buttery warm croissant with strawberry jam.  Great start so far.

Main course for the breakfast
Everytime I see bacon and egg on the menu, as always I will definitely pick them especially on holiday like this where I was away from those heaven food for a little while.  Those two strips of fatty bacon, not enough to satisfy my craving but don't get me wrong, they were still yummy though.

Tom Yum Noodle with vegetables
After finishing our meal, within a few minutes I felt asleep.  Maybe because of the comfy seat and peaceful ambience or I just too tired.

Not long after I fell asleep (still like couple hours later), all of the sudden I woke up from my nab as I overheard some noise of the cutlery clinging came from behind and the alluring smell tickling my nose so strongly.  As soon as I became fully awake, I knew exactly what the smell was.  The kid sitting right behind me was eating and slurping his Tom Yum noodle soup.  Damn it!!!  I want one too !!!  It was actually from the package instant noodle and they just simply add some bok choy into it.  Simple as it sounds but at that time, for some reason I could not explain why, an ordinary instant tom yum noodle could taste that goood.

Gin and Tonic and White wine with mixed peanuts as snacks

First course for dinner
Thai Fish Cake and Corn Fritter with pickled cucumbers.  Great snacks and goes well with the Thai sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Cute little salt and pepper set

Salad Dressing

Second course for dinner
Simple and plain roasted veggies with balsamic dressing.  Nothing too fancy for me except for that garlic bread.  Taste exactly like when you dine in a good Italian restaurant.

Main Course for dinner - Pork Stir Fry with Hoisin Sauce
Main course of dinner - Chicken Green Curry 
The curry taste really authentic, nearly the same with what you normally get from the local restaurant in Bangkok.  Spicy and full of flavours.

Pre dessert course
After main meal, they served this set of fresh cutting fruits accompanied by cheese slices and cracker.

Dessert time
Lemon Meringue Tart and Chocolate Cake with cherry sauce accompanied with XO Hennessy Cognac and Port Wine.  They're just yum.. yum.. yum...

Once you have flown business class, it's pretty hard to cope with flying economy because you know what people are doing behind the front curtain !!!!

I really truly appreciate for everyone who been following my little Thai journey blogs, Stay tuned for more blogs (coming soon) for Tasmania and my hometown Indonesia trips. Octie Appetie guys ...


  1. I love taking a peek and seeing what first and business class is like on different airlines! The fruit carving is beautiful!

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