10 November 2011

Phoenix Chinese Restaurant, Rhodes

One of my favourite Yum Cha place in Sydney.  This dynamic restaurant appear to be busy all the time especially on the weekend, be prepare to wait in the queue for about 20 minutes up unless you are lucky or otherwise rock up early when they just open their door.  No wonder that they have created  good reputation cos they always use fresh and high quality ingredients.  They serve range of traditional dim sum also got numbers of contemporary one as well.  And is not that pricey too, we only spent $160 for the six of us which include all of the food from pictured below.

Honestly speaking, I'm really not good in naming all of those dim sum dishes.  What I do normally just grab whatever that looks nice and appealing or else if they come in the bamboo steamer, I will stop the cart and just open the lid and have a look one by one cos even when the waitress telling me its name I don't understand anyway  lolzzz..

Deep-fried Taro and Prawn

Chicken Pie
The layered buttery pastry is so crunchy and nicely baked too with the load of creamy chicken filling, they just perfect together.

Can't remember what this was

Tempura Sushi
This dish looks very appetising but unfortunately it doesn't show much on the taste.  Even it wasn't that bad but was not that good too, pretty average sushi that deep-fried with tempura batter.  Probably this dish been in the cart for awhile, that's why they weren't hot and crunchy anymore.

Deep-fried Prawn on toast
Another a must-try dish to order in Dim Sum Restaurant, for me!!!  Prawn itself quite chunky and fresh that attached on the small squared bread and wrapped with wonton sheet then lightly deep fried.  It wasn't enough only 1 piece for me so we managed to grab one more serve of this.

Steamed Mushroom and Meat wrapped with Bean Curd Skin

Steamed Crab Meat wrapped with Cabbage

Sweet Pork like BBQ Pork but more saucy
This sticky honey pork dish could be the 'Hero' for the day..  They just extremely delicious and the pork was succulent and tender with the right sweetness flavour that surely tantalise your taste buds.

Fried Noodle

Pork Ribs
Another fantastic dish that we got for today.  It is a steamed pork rib with a hint of black bean and chilli.  Perfect combination that create a nice tasty dish.

Black Pepper Pork
 My hubby loved this dish soooo muchhhhh. He kept on ordering and ordering.  So one portion is never enough I shall say.  This Mongolian style black pepper pork was way too delicious and we were even joking about getting some steam rice to soak up all the left over heavenly lip-smacking sauce.  Guyss .. it's so yummm.  Enough said ..  Lets move on ..

Wish I could take that cart home :)

 Grilled Pork
Another super tasty dish today.  The pork was lightly char-grilled so we can taste that smokey flavour while the meat itself still tender, juicy and so aromatic.

Shredded Beef Peking Style
I always love this Peking-style Shredded Beef, they were sweet and tasty.  Really works nicely together with Man Tao (Chinese Plain steamed bun).

Melon and Sago Soup
Rock Melon and Sago...  two ingredients that I never thought will be co-operate well together.  But since I tried this bowl of dessert, it completely change my mind.  It surprisingly good, natural sweet from melon and sago in the soup give them a texture like serious dessert.

Baked BBQ Pork Bun
This Baked BBQ Pork Bun, even can't compare to those that I had from Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong but this the best bun that I could possibly find in Australia.  The bun was still warm and loaded with succulent BBQ Pork filling too.  Don't understand why the other dishes always come repeatedly but this bun is hardly been seen, it came once which nearly at the end of our meal.

Egg Tarts
Everytime I go for Yum Cha will never miss out on those flaky egg tart and as usual they never fail me.  Crumbly pastry with warm smooth and wobbly custard.  Really nice to finish the meal strong with the dessert like this ... to satisfy my sweet-tooth craving.

Level 5 of the Rhodes Shopping Centre.
Mondays – Saturdays and Public Holidays :
11am – 3pm
Sundays: 10am – 3pm

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