12 March 2012

Crown Complex Foodcourt, Melbourne (Day3, part1)

Uhhh... again!!!!  Wasn't a good morning start here in Melbourne, the dark cloud still hanging in the sky since last night and splashing some water at all time..  I apologise for my terrible whinging but apart from the weather, we really had a great time here in Melbourne...

So, has to be another day staying inside the casino and we discovered this food court in the Crown Complex for our lunch.  If you staying in the Crown hotel, you will get the discounts voucher for some of the restaurants and shopping retails but please read the terms and conditions.
Half and half of sweet and sour pork and chicken crumbed 
I'm feeling like having a fried chicken or some fried stuff so end up buying those attractive-looking sweet sour pork and crumbed chicken for the side dish hehehehe..  It cost $10.90 to get the small serve without rice.  Well, they are not too bad.

Crispy Chicken and Tomato Rice (around $13)
I really enjoy this dish, it was a very simple Asian dish which is crispy skin chicken served with tomato rice and chilli sauce.  The chicken was deep fried to golden brown, very crispy on the outer and still juicy and tender inside, with just the right seasoning too.

After a nice lunch, what else do we need, of course a DESSERT or two.  This little cafe at the edge of the food court appears very bright and full of those yummy-looking sweets.  Without second though, we grab one piece of heavenly sweet tiramisu for us.  It was actually really hard to make a decision by seeing of how many nice stuffs on the display.

Tiramisu $9.50
Hmm.... $9.50 for a slice of cake (not house-made, don't think so!!!!), isn't it too much??  From the display, all the cakes look pretty convincing so we gave it a go.  We paid that much so I'm expecting big like bigger than the one we normally get from Gloria Jeans which costs around $6.  But so disappointed, it was an average piece of cake and the taste was disgustingly awful too.  The cake was dry and can't really taste the coffee flavour and the cream wasn't that smooth and tasty as what it should be.  I'm guessing it must has been sitting in the display for like a century.  I'm not too fussy when come to dessert and so far haven't had any dissatisfied tiramisu ever and this is the first time that it failed me and hopefully it gonna be the last.

Main Food Court
Ground Floor Riverside
Crown Entertainment Complex

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