12 February 2013

Culinary Journey - Indonesia (Part 2)


As I mentioned before in my previous blog, that you could get hell lot of food from a simple snack to a serious gourmet meal in the malls in Indonesia.  Especially for this Surabaya Town Square or locals say Sutos mall.  I don't recommend this place for a shop alcoholic but definitely a great place for food maniac.  As they have more restaurants and food stalls than the shopping shops in Surabaya.  Today we landed in this food court like place, called D'kampoeng.  What I mean is, in this food court they have ranged of stalls selling different type of food specifically for traditional Indonesian cuisine.  First when you walk in to the food court, they will give a stamp card (like we normally get from Yum Cha restaurant), browsing along the stalls and you can order whatever you like and as much as you want, then they will stamp on your card for that purchasing, then simply grab your seat and when your food is ready they will serve it to your table.  Very simple!! (no need to pick up the food by yourself), and at the end just bring your card to the cashier next to the exit door for the bill and hopefully not damaging your wallet to much.  Nahh!!  I don't think it would anyway, the food price here are pretty reasonable and so worth it. 

Nice and classic Indonesian-style decoration

Not only providing a classic Indonesian favourites, but with their decorations is kinda bring you to feel like you actually having a street food with most of the stalls displaying the food in their original and traditional cart that they use out there on the street.

Cart for selling Soto Ayam

Es Jeruk Nipis (Ice Lime) and Es Sinom (Tumeric drink)
Sinom drink is very very refreshing, served cold, super delicious and one of my favourite drink of all time especially in the summer heat like here in Indonesia.  It's made from turmeric so they have this authentic fragrant and sweet taste.  Probably a little bit too extreme for anyone who never try this before but why not!!  However, it is a sophisticated drink (although I never make one) and not all the shop could nail this drink though, if you can find the good one just stick with it.  But I do not recommend you guys to try it here, it doesn't taste up to my standard of what Es Sinom should be.  The good one that I discovered is in the PTC/Supermall (I will talk more about this in later post)

Nasi Ayam Penyet
Nasi Ayam Penyet
 It's a deep fried chicken then squashed on the the Sambal ulek. Spicy sambel and crispy chicken with hot steam rice.  They just works so well !!  This dish is one a nation's favorite I'd say.

Soto Ayam
Soto Ayam 'Pak Sadi'
 Soto dish itself is already yummy but THE secret to make it even better is to have it with 'Koya' or a powder of mixed prawn crackers (photo: on the far top in the red condiment, ask for extra if you want too) , chilli, squeeze of lime and Krupuk, the best one to go with is Kerupuk Kampung or Kerupuk putih (Indonesian cracker) !!!

Bubur Madura
Bubur Madura (Sweet Rice Flour Porridge) is a traditional street food and generally consist of coconut rice flour porridge, pearls, black sticky rice and some other colourful things (sumsum, jenang, ketan, I don't know how we say it in English, my apologise). You just need to pick whatever you like and then they will finish it with sweet palm sugar on top. then enjoy :)

Bubur Madura
  Ta..dah.. for my liking I love just a simple one, mixed of that coconut porridge (slightly salty) and sticky pink coated with shredded coconut then heaps of strusselled palm sugar. sooo yummmmm....

Surabaya Town Square (Sutos)
Jalan Adityawarman, Surabaya

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