08 September 2013

Culinary journey - Indonesia (Part 3)


I have to admit this is my first time to dine in this talk-of-the-Surabaya-town restaurant.  It might sounds a bit shameful to say that I just found out very recently from my cousin !!  Apparently, this day more and more Indonesian fine dining has mushroomed up and having this kinda theme and authentic Indonesian outdoor ambience.  I mean surrounded and decored with beautiful pool, nice Javanese garden and an individual verandah dining space which is absolutely perfect for a romantic night out !!  But I am warning you though, at night the mosquitos here could go a little crazy.  For you whose would like to enjoy their dinner on your private time, there is also a traditional dining hut built on stilt available and you might as well ask the lovely waiters for the mosquitos repellent.  Just in case :)

Overall, the food here were great, service was of course lovely and top up with the beautiful ambience. well what can I say, highly recommend.

Bir Bintang
Won't call it a night without our proud Bir Bintang!!

Right: Ikan Bakar Kecap and Left: Cumi Pedes Manis

Kepiting Telor Asin
Kepiting Telor Asin
 Word can't describe enough of how yummy this dish was.  I ABSOLUTELY loved it.  It wasn't too salty like I often find in Sydney and the crab itself were very fresh too.  I want more !!


Kangkung Belacan
Kangkung Belacan

Don't forget to ask for some Indonesian Sambal Ulek (Chilli sauce)

In the morning, you will see the lovely garden, man-made waterfall and canal along the restaurant but at night it turns into the romantic mood with the right subdued and glowing dim lights.

Bandar Sari Laut, Surabaya
Bukit Telaga Golf
Citraland, Surabaya
Ph: +62 31 81901856

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