03 April 2014

Day 3: Kimukatsu, Ebisu

Day 3: Tokyo Disneyland

This shop is really famous with their mille feuille style tonkatsu, because unlike other shops, here the pork are thinly sliced then stacked them together before crumbing and deep frying.  It makes the tonkatsu very juicy and tender yet still crunchy on the coating.

Ebi Mayo ¥650


There is of course the plain Tonkatsu in the menu, but they also serve in different unique flavours like miso, garlic, plum, and cheese.  We went for the three choices set menu (¥3,980 - about $44) and we picked plain, cheese and sour plum.  The hero for me was the cheese tonkatsu, the good amount of cheese just oozed out from the middle of juicy pork fillet to lift up the good pork taste to the next level. 

Tonkatsu at Kimukatsu

Look at how appetising that layered pork!!! Wonderful flavour and it got a nice texture into it as well.  

4-9-5 Ebisu Shibuya
(Just 3 minutes walk from Ebisu Station)
Ph: +81 3 5420 2929

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