21 February 2012

Nobu Restaurant, Melbourne (Day2, part3)

Here we are, dining at Nobu, a world's renowned Japanese restaurant chain and one of them is proudly housed in Crown Melbourne.  The place is quite dark with minimal lighting, I mean of course it looks romantic in a way and classy but it's hard for me to take a picture of their foods.  Next to the reception, they also have a bar for those who just wanna go for the light snack while waiting for the seat and the lower ground floor is where most of the dining area are.

Exclusive sake collections

Hokusetsu Daiginjo Sake (large- about 350 ml) $54
At Nobu, the house "sake" that comes in bamboo bottle is not available for hot served.  Me, normally order the hot sake and as usual for this time we again ordered the hot one.  When it arrives our table, the hot sake never make us disappointed as always but then later on, this sake started to cool down its temperature and it's actually turned out to be much tastier than when its hot !!!  So next time, we might gotta try something new.  Are you a sake lover??  So, tell me .. do you prefer hot or cold sake???

Spicy Miso Chips with Tuna and Scallops – 4 pieces $14
We really disappointed with this entree dish, besides the freshness from the tiny piece of Tasmanian scallops and tuna flesh, nothing were too fancy or spectacular.  The chips was blend and not crunchy at all but that little drop of spicy miso sauce on top was delightful.

Yellow Tail Tartar with Wasabi Soy $22
By far, I think this was the best dish of the night. stand out unanimously.  Ultra fresh and finely minced Yellow Tail fish served with the hit of wasabi soy that gives them more depth in flavour and a touch of caviar to finish the dish.  It's just soo irresistibly delicious

Kurobuta Pork Belly with Umame Vegetables $38
Oh eM Gee!!!  This pork belly was VERY VERY soft like a cotton, succulent to the max and melt in the mouth where chewing is nearly unnecessary.  They're not only perfect in texture but the taste also second to none.  We all night can't figure it out what have they done to the pork but they really executed it.  So simple but yet so skillful dish.

Roasted Duck Breast with Fig Teriyaki $35
The roast duck breast served with sweet fig teriyaki sauce and blanched Bok Choy on the side.  Lovely flavour combination and the duck was cooked to perfection, pretty juicy yet tender in a way.  The teriyaki sauce is fruity sweet and absolutely enhance the flavour of the dish.  Another great work from Nobu.

Snow Crab Sushi $9 each
Nothing too special about this dish, it tastes just like an ordinary nigiri sushi topped with a slice of snow crab. Besides its unique smell of the snow crab, there is nothing really wow us.

Japanese O-Toro m/p ($20 each)
This O- toro sushi is much much better than the snow crab one previously that we just had.  O-toro is the fattiest part form the underside of either salmon and tuna.  The flesh is well marbled and yet again nearly melt in my mouth !!!  But for $20 per piece, I think is a bit too splurge.

Kabocha pumpkin panna cotta with gingersnaps,
 pisco infused fruit, spiced honey and mandarin granite $17
Three round pieces of pumpkin panna cotta served with gingersnaps in between then on the side it got this lovely spiced honey and pisco infused fruits and mandarin granite.  The panna cotta itself is silky smooth with a strong pumpkin flavour and the infused fruits and mandarin granite give them a sweet refreshing touch into it.  Well balance of flavour and of course delectable.

Warm satandagi buns filled with pistachio ganache
served with caramelized pistachios, raspberry coulis and almond ice cream $18.5
Another excellent dish from Nobu, Satandagi buns filled with pistachio and chocolate ganache then served with caramelized pistachios, berry coulis and almond ice creams.  Satandagi are sweet deep fried buns with the dough similar to doughnuts and it is originally from the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa.  The buns itself were light and the filling just oozed out from the inside and it blissfully pairing with the berry coulis and almond ice cream.

Warm vanilla rice pudding, azuki bean ice cream and infused seasonal fruit $17
We actually ordered the chocolate bento box but the waiter made a mistake and gave us this dish.  When the dish just arrived, my mind was in dilemma for few seconds thinking should I return this unknown dish and asked for what I have ordered.  But Nope!!!!  I decided to just go with it.  Probably it's kinda my faith.  It could be nice anyway!!!

Yeah!!!!  We totally made a good decision to keep this dish, it was surprisingly yummy.  The warm vanilla rice pudding served with sweet azuki bean ice cream and infused fruits and a Japanese rice cracker were absolutely won my heart...  After the full meal that we had, this light and sweet rice pudding just sort of give you a pleasing break.  It's like having your nice warm sweet porridge and sitting cozy by the window at home looking outside of pouring rain.  That's exactly how I was feeling at that moment!!!

Since we are paying quite big bucks for dining tonight, they surely owe us a lot of expectations.  Well, I mean they're not as world-famous as Tetsuya's but with that kind of similar hefty price tag.  I would say that they use an extremely fresh and top quality ingredients and produces in their restaurant.  And that some of their dishes were completely blown my mind away but unfortunately not all of their dishes were actually extraordinary, some of them had let me down too.  But I think we can compromise for that thing, since they had a really nice and friendly service to top the night.  Overall, we really had a good meal and great time dining in Nobu.

Riverside at Crown Melbourne Australia
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank, VIC 3006
Ph: +613 9292 7879

Mon - Thu   Lunch  Midday - 2.30
Fri - Sun      Lunch  Midday - 3pm
Sun - Thu    Dinner  6pm - 10.30pm
Fri - Sat      Dinner  6pm - 11pm
Mon - Sun  Bar       Midday - 1am

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  1. Yes, it does seem like it's very dark in that restaurant. I do love the look of the pork belly and the duck breast - those definitely would have been my choices. Great review!

  2. Great review! Was thinking of trying it out as well. Now I know which dishes to definately order. Thanks!

  3. nice pics and great review. That pork belly looks awesome !!