04 April 2014

Day 4: Mount Fuji and Hakone

Day 3: Kimukatsu, Ebisu

First glance of mighty Mt. Fuji's peak

Our tour lady said that Mount Fuji is a shy mountain.  You can see them from afar when clear blue sky and that's happen only few weeks in a year.  The early bus ride, we could snap the peak of Mt. Fuji but then he is snugging back into his comfort place behind those white cloud.  Even in the Fuji information centre when we made a short visit, the peak was all covered with white thick clouds.  What a shame!!!

Mount Fuji from 5th station viewing point

Above the cloud

Mount Fuji 5th station

Our tour is including the lunch set meal.  Nine small dishes accompanied with udon and steamed rice.  No 'wow' factor in this meal.  Although the food are fresh and some of them have nice flavour but overall the portion is too small.  We still left hungry by then. 

After lunch, we continue our trip to Hakone.  From there we are cruising on the pristine Lake Ashi and then riding the Komagatake Ropeway up to heaven-like station where full of fogs (not always though) with 2,611 meter high-altitude.

Lake Ashi

Komagate Ropeway

I didn't know what's going on with the Tokyo's traffic that night.  I haven't really seen any traffic in Japan actually up to today.  We stuck on the highway for nearly 3 hours, where the tour normally get back to Tokyo by 7 or 8pm but today, we turned up extremely late, 10pm arrived at Shinjuku station.  We were starving, and didn't bother looking some restaurants in town as they might close already.  So, we were browsing inside the Shinjuku station where they definitely still open and yet busy with workers.  In quick search, we saw this congee shop, it looks cheap, nice and nearly full house too.

Pork congee with 2 pieces of Har Gao ¥980

Pork congee with soft boiled egg ¥880
  We made the right decision, eating congee in nearly midnight hour, what a great way to end the day.  The congee is very light so we won't feel guilty as not much calorie needed to burn.  The congee itself really have a good flavour and that runny egg yolk on top was absolutely divined.  

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:
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