18 May 2014

Day 10: Gujo Hachiman

Day 10: Miyagawa Morning Market, Takayama

We went off the beaten track for abit today.  We made our own way visiting this beautiful small town called Gujo Hachiman, which is located about an hour and half away from Takayama by bus.  (You need to make a reservation at least one day before and up to one month prior.  If you cannot speak Japanese, get your receptionist at the hotel you stay to call the bus company and make a reservation for you.  That's probably the most convenient way and they are normally more than happy to help).  The return ticket for bus costs 2900yen/person.

Once we arrived at the bus station, we gave our booking number to the lady in the counter and proceed with the payment.  She also recommended us to call taxi when we arrive at Gujo Hachiman bus stop.  

Gujo Hachiman Interchange
When I saw the map for Gujo Hachiman, the town centre looks very close from the bus stop.  Therefore, we didn't ring the taxi company and tried to walk on foot.  However, getting little further, we still can't see even the edge of town centre and luckily we saw taxi along the way and asked him to drive us to information centre.  It actually took us longer than we thought, nearly 10 minutes drive and about 950yen.  So what the lady in bus station said we're correct!!!  Duhhhh.....

This small town is very popular with their food replica workshop.  Sample Kobo and Sample Village Iwasaki are the only two workshop places and amust do while you are here.  And is where most restaurants all over Japan get their fake food display.  The number 1 and the best quality of food display.  They look exactly the same with the real thing.

As a person who love food, love everything about food, that's why I also adore the food replica products.  That's why I went crazy in this shop, buying this and that without thinking how I can fit those in my luggage.  But why not!!!!  That's the main reason I come here anyway.

A bowl of ramen, anyone???

The factory just behind the shop and you can also take some class in making fake tempura, etc.  Roughly about 1000yen per person for the class and you can take home whatever you make from there.

This view, this river and the mountain was blown my mind, just lika a postcard.  It was right next to food replica workshop, beside the tall wall and when I walk straight a little more I was stunned by this amazing view suddenly opened behind my eyes.  

Lunch time has come around, we didn't know what to get at first.  Then we saw this cafe/pub like with dim light and cool looking waiter/chef inside.  So we decided to come in and trying one of their dishes there.

Complimentary salad

Beef curry rice

Omurice curry
Their food was surprisingly good, we ordered curry beef rice and omurice curry.  We were totally enjoyed the meal and that's why we ordered another dessert to finish our meal, Coco and Coffee Jelly.  The whole meal we spent about 2500yen.

Coco and Coffee Jelly

Cafe Tirol
Shinmachi, Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Ken
Ph:  0575-67-0508

Nohi Bus Reservation Centre
Ph: +81 0577 32 1688
Opening hours: 09:00 - 18:00pm
You can make a reservation up to one month prior

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  1. Hello, what month did you go to Gujo? Love how it looks in autumn

  2. Around the end of October, Anne. It was really beautiful.

    1. I'll be visiting by the end of november I hope there are still autumn leaves.
      thank you for the reply,

    2. Hope you have a great time there. Japan is always pretty in any season. By the way, just a little reminder, you need to get the taxi phone number because the mid city is quite far from bus stop, just in case if you are going to catch bus from Takayama.