28 March 2014

Day 2: Edo Wonderland, Nikko (Part 2)

Day 2: Nikko World Heritage Tour (Part 1)

After a short visit to the Toshogu Shrine, we made our way down to the Fujiya Kanko Centre to ride the shuttle bus to Edo Wonderland.  The shuttle bus depart at either 1.20pm or 2.40pm.  We definitely want to enjoy the Edo wonderland longer, so we rushed to catch that 1:20pm bus.  From now on, we are on our own, no more tour guide.  However, the entry ticket to Edo Wonderland and the train ticket back to Tokyo are given to us earlier today.

Edo Wonderland is a huge theme park that builded to bring us back in time to the Edo era.  Showing us the houses, the way people living and atmosphere of Edo period.  You can also hire the traditional Japanese cloth (Kimono) to wear and walk around the town at some extra cost.  There are some performances and attractions to watch as well and the highlight was certainly the Princess parade in the afternoon. 

Edo Wonderland, Nikko

Edo Wonderland, Nikko

Pork Yakitori ¥500 (about $5.50)

Dan Dan and Cha Shu Ramen ¥800 and ¥950
The thing I love about Japan is, particularly the food sell in the tourist place, not overcharged like any other country.  They cost pretty much the same and as delicious as we can get somewhere out there.

The way the Princess walk was totally amazing.  With the shoe that high is looking very hard to do plus she has to follow the custom way.  It goes like back twist, front swing then step forward and so on and on, hope this makes sense.  Thumbs up girl.

When we enter this hell and heaven house,  at first we thought that the story was a little funny and not match at all, especially the pop-up ghost things were too slow to come out.  By nearly the end way, there were two other couple came from the opposite way, and we were all shocked, them particularly.  Then we just realised that we actually entered from the wrong way.  We completely forgot that Japanese people enter from the right hand side, but we just instantly use our sense which is commonly entering from the left side.  In order to get the meaning of the story telling, we repeat again but this time from the right direction.   Now we understand what the message is.

Is there anyone by chance ever play the PS game named 'Shinobido'?  Don't you think that the set up in the game (houses, merchant's garden, and the tower) is look exactly the same with this Edo Wonderland?

From the Edo Wonderland, we need to catch the Tobu Dial bus back to the Kinugawa-Onsen station and then ride the Tobu limited express back to Asakusa station.

Drinks and Takoyaki are sold on Shinkansen
Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:
Day 2: Omoide Yokocho, Shinjuku

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