23 September 2013

Culinary Journey - Indonesia (Part 4)


Hachi Hachi is one of the high-end famous modern Japanese restaurant's chain in Indonesia.  Thus you can expect some freshness and high quality produce from them with a reasonable price.  Their menu ranges from variety of sushi, rolls to modern Japanese a la carte and their food's taste is absolutely delicious no doubt about that.  Here are just a few shoot of the food (I didn't take all of them, because we were extremely starving so everyone just dig in and snatched them before I had a chance to grab my camera) and I can't remember most of the names as well.  I know that this blog maybe pretty hopeless and lack of info but just hope you guys still enjoy looking at the photos of the restaurant and maybe get some idea out of it.  Octie Appetie...

The Salmon Dip
The salmon is very very fresh and they come with a sort of yummy crunchy topping sauce. The sauce is actually mixed of mayo and cheese.

I think this one called "Dragon Rolls"

Grilled Eel Sushi
 I liked this dish so much, it's like a sushi rolls with a twist. They coated with crumbs then deep fried so gave them a nice texture combination.  Plus the topping and sauce on top were delightful as well.

Hachi Hachi (G-Walk)
Jl. Taman Gapura K-14 (Citraraya), Surabaya

Hachi Hachi (TP)
Tunjungan Plaza IV Lt. 5

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