06 August 2012

Thavonsouk Resort, Vang Vieng (Day 3, Part1)


Driving north from Vientiane to Vang Vieng takes about approximately 3 hours or more.  The road was really unpleasant and VERY bumpy I would say.  Many times our butts were thrown into the air like the bull charge, no highway all along the way, and so dusty that you could obviously see that most of the leaves and trees were covered with the red dust, brown reddish dust turned them to dull brownish colour instead of shiny green and you hardly see any white painted houses, I wonder why !!!  But hey for some reason, we feel that the journey was so exotic and worth it in a way.

Dried Fish

Welcome to Vang Vieng
But all that hard and long ride is totally paid off.  Apart from those bumpy long red dusted road, the picturesque mountains, soaring cliffs and beautiful Laos countryside along the way were some kind of the entree that seduce your appetiser before the main served.  More mountains seen,  when closer we get to resort and Vang Vieng. Finally, once we arrived the resort, looking at how pure and amazing the view right in front of us, it's totally blown us away and all the harsh road trip gone without a trace.  We all were stunned for quite a while, mesmerised by the so called heaven on earth.  I have seen many scenery in my travelling experience and this surely gotta be one of my best ever.  As a wise sentence saying that, "we need to sacrify and suffer the present to enjoy the best in the future", rite!!!  That's apply perfectly well in this case.

How to get to the Thavonsouk Resort from Vientiane:

If you are coming from Vientiane by bus, drop off at Thavisouk bus station (it is NOT Thavonsouk resort, only spelling is similar) so don't ever get fool by that.  Then turn left on your way out for about 50 meters, once you see the school on your right, on the opposite side of the school take the small way down to the river and Thavonsouk Resort is on your right.

Even the entree street wasn't look that nicely flat and a little bumpy too, but once you enter the resort area, it's like entering into a different world, very clean, fresh air, and the view OMG, unimaginably spectacular, I couldn't believe that this is Laos.  Or how can I put it.  I am in the "Laos" moment.  I ain't overstate this at all.

Just a reminder that the sign is a little misleading, when you see the resort sign, you need to take the small street just before this sign not the next one coming.

Small way down to the river - This small bumpy road leads you to the paradise.

The room is very spacious, clean and well functioned with the generous terrace with a deck chair that you can all day long-enjoy the priceless view of the slowly flowing Nam Song river with the backdrop of limestone karsts. A bottle of beer Lao and grilled chicken with the view like this with your special one.  Seriously, what else in life you could ask for more.

What a view!!!
Endless view from the resort

They have several number of room types here in Thavonsouk Resort, of course the best one is the river front where you have your own terrace facing the shallow flowing Nam Song River with rice fields and mountains beyond (that's where we stayed), and some other rooms behind them (picture above) still peaceful and private colonial bungalow type but not much view you can get out of it.  However the price is cheaper and so far as I know they also have the traditional Lao style room as well. 

The resort's main dining area where you could just sit here and chilled out all day long.
Ice Milo ₭ 12,000 (about $1.50)

Lao Sausage
Sai Grog (Lao Sausages) ₭ 25,000 (about $3.10)
Larb Moo (Lao style minced pork salad)
Spicy and Sour Chicken Soup

Sauted fish with Shiitake mushroom and vegetables
By the time we arrived Vang Vieng, it was in the late afternoon, so we just grabbed some quicky lunch from the resort.  The food there was pretty good actually, especially those Sai Grog (Laos sausage), it was absolutely delicious with crispy outer yet still juicy sausage and the Larb Moo was also full of flavours and also a must try when you are in Lao.

Vang Vieng District, Vientiane Province
Lao P.D.R
Tel: +856-23 511096

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