29 November 2013

Culinary Journey - Indonesia (Part 5)


All about food in this series of Indonesian blogs.  So hope you guys enjoy it.  Octie Appetie.

This time I picked one restaurant that got mixed between Indonesian and Chinese cuisine.  Apparently, you can find heaps of restaurants in Surabaya that influenced or combined with Chinese flavour in their cooking.

Left: Es Sirsak (Soursop) Rp.12,000 (about $1.20)  and Right: Es Jeruk (Orange Juice)

Avocado Juice
Avocado Jade - Avocado Juice Rp. 16,000 (about $1.65)
Kodok Saus Inggris
Kodok Saus Inggris (Frog with Worcestershire Sauce) Rp. 57,500 (about $5.90)
Although not much meat you can scrap out of this little frogs but that tiny bits were absolutely delicious.  The meat was pretty tender and the winner definitely is the sauce that they cooked with.  Balanced of saltiness, sweetness and a little bit tanginess.  However, the let down was they didn't actually chop the finger tip of this creature, for me, it makes the food look less appetising.

Bebek Panggang
Bebek Panggang (Roast Duck half) Rp. 52,500 (about $5.40)
I found that this duck is not that juicy and meaty compared to what a good Roast Duck should be.  Though, the skin were really crispy and flavoursome but still not up to the scratch. 

Sapo Tahu Seafood
Sapo Tahu Seafood (Tofu and Seafood Hot Pot) Rp. 50,000 (about $5.15)

Tim Ikan Ala Bawang Putih (Steamed Fish with Garlic and Soy Sauce) Rp. 55,000 (about $5.70)

When you taste the flesh, you can tell straight away that this fish was extremely fresh but unfortunately that good flesh spoilt by an overpowering load of fresh garlic.  Too much until it killed the other flavour, only garlic that I could taste. What a shame!!!

Golden Jade Restaurant
Citywalk Blok FT-16
Pakuwon Trade Centre

Stay tuned for the next blog in Surabaya:

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