19 December 2016

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Ximen

Hotel Midtown Richardson, Taipei

In that evening, after drop our luggages, we cluelessly strolled around the Ximending city, searching the one restaurant that I would like to visit (vow to visit whenever I'm here), of course this famous Modern Toilet Restaurant.  However, we innocently forgot to save the map and their address.  Around an hour had gone, still no sign of that restaurant.  By the time we nearly gave up, I coincidentally turned my head to the right, there was a small room with shinning toilet bowls that caught my eyes.  It doesn't look like a restaurant but when I read the sign, "Modern Toilet".  I shout with delighted, 'This is the one, This definitely is."  We rushed climbing up to the second floor.  There were a few waitresses and nearly all the tables were occupied but then one of the nice waitress said that on the third and fourth floor still have lots of tables available, wherever we like to sit on.  So we went straight up to the third floor.

We choose the ordinary one with a fancy toilet bowl seat.  And in front of us got this sink with hmmmm fake "poop" in it.  For some people (like my husband before he went there), he feels yucks and no appetite when seeing this thing while eating.  For me, I don't give a s***.  But once we're there, my hubby completely forgot yet quite amazed with the ambience and the food in front of him. 

By the way why this restaurant is so famous and become the talk of the town?  What the hype about this place?  Food.. Nope!!  I mean it wasn't that bad but it wasn't that good either.  I won't personally come back here just because of the taste of food.  So what then?  Serving dish... Tick!!  Decoration.. Tick!!  Idea..  Thumbs up!!  I honestly do not know why but having dinner here, it just makes me happy. 

If you see this on the street level, means you are in the right place.  The restaurant is actually located on the second floor and above.

All toilet decoration

Giant toilet bowl sofa


Complimentary chocolate 'poop' ice cream
2F, No. 7, Ln 50,Xining S. Rd., Taipei City
Tel: 02-23118822

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