23 August 2012

UD Town, Udonthani Thailand


Now we are back to Thailand and this post will give the reviews about UD Town, Udonthani.  This place is the one I mentioned in the early post, if you guys could remember.  UD Town is more than just a mediocre Thai's night bazaar town, Udonthani is the foodies dreamland.  The place is super massive, hundreds and hundreds of food stalls selling all the Thai food you could imagine.  Savoury, dessert and ice cream, far beyond I expect once I browse around in the UD Town.  

What you see is not even one eight of them

Side Dish - Rice Noodle, fresh cut garlic, ginger, red onions and chillies and roasted peanuts

Yum Kor Moo Yang (grilled pork neck spicy salad)

Larb moo

Som Tum - Thai Style
I never can get enough of Som Tum, can't I??  How many dishes I had eaten, I'm still begging for more.  The balance of sweet, spicy, sour and saltiness is like a fireworks in my mouth.  With heaps of healthy ingredients like fresh paw paw and tomatoes, just another good reason to guilty-free enjoying lots of this delicious salad dish.

Pla Pao Gluea (Grilled salted - crust fish)
Everyone remind me to not eat the fish skin because it is too salty, but me as a seriously skin lover so I thought they were kidding me just to take that alluring crispy fish skin away from me.  So, I didn't care and simply dig into it, and my tounge was numb for a few while, losing my tastebud in a sudden.  It was extremely terribly salty, of course because this dish is named Pla Pao Gluea and they coated tons amount of sea salt on the outer fish then char-grill it.  Although by doing that, make the fish's skin is inedible but the meat inside was beautifully cook, juicy, nice flavour and not too salty at all.  Yeah I really should've listen to them at the first place !!


Thailand is where you can get super fresh seafood with a CHEAP price.  That's why I always have one or two seafood dishes at my meals while I was there.  These giant prawns were slightly char-grilled, still very juicy inside and accompanied with Thai-style seafood sauce.  For me this is the best way to eat seafood, while they still keeping the natural sweetness of prawns and enhanced with the Thai seafood dipping sauce.  Sweet, sour and spicy.  Yummmm...

What else you need after your heavy dinner and this steamy night, if not a magic cold and sweet treat.  We saw this cute egg-shaped ice cream.  So many different flavours, surely I have to get the Durian flavour cos they're my favourite.  They put this big sign of how to eat but don't worry about it cos the lady there will actually cut the plastic and pop the egg on the plastic container ready with the stick, so we can enjoy them easily.  They are just so delicious.

Real durian in this little egg.  Totally loved it !!!

Udonthani International Airport

Nok Air - the low cost airline with meal and baggage.  so goood.

Colourful Taxis in Thailand

Really thank you to anyone who follow my blog about my Laos's trip early this year.  Hopefully this will give you guys some ideas when you visit this beautiful country.  Moreover, unexpectedly some special occasion came up so we made another trip to Laos and Thailand again just last 2 months to attend my bro-in-law's wedding  and I'll try my best to blog about them soon.  So, Octie Appetie guys...

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  1. Seafood and tropical fruit are two of my favourite things to eat so I was drooling straight away! :D