15 August 2012

Vang Vieng At Dusk - Street Food Hunting On Bike (Day4, Part2)


We hired a bicycle to go around town at dusk for hunting the local street food and enjoying the great horizontal view and absorbing the way local's living too.  Apparently, bicycle is the most popular and convenient way to get around the town.  There are a few shops, which easy to find that you can hire the bike from and it is fairly cheap, roughly cost around ₭ 40,000 for approximately 3 hours or more.  Well negotiable.

First stop, Street food - Pancake.  By the look on the menu, I really want to grab everything from there but able to controlled ourself for another yummy meals coming, so we only had 4 pancakes.  From the four that we had, the peanut and nutella pancake was the most outstanding from all.  My best two flavours combine in one dessert. so so yummm.  Hmmm... But then I was thinking to adding the cheese as well and it would be pretty much the same to my favourite sweet, Indonesian Martabak Manis (or in my home town called Terang Bulan).

We been cycling around town for awhile searching for dinner, but nothing was really click and although they were some great restaurant near by but it's too touristy and pricey too.  We almost gave up and heading back to the resort without our main meal for tonight, but then we spotted this local food market on the corner somewhere (I don't know how to read the street name, but yeah not too far from our resort).  This market was crowded with locals and the alluring smell waving us from far.  I felt lighten up immediately and our faces were glowing, at least I know that we not gonna left starving tonight.  We turned our bike around and heading straight to that market. There is only few food vendors there, but they all packed with buyers.  As they tend to sell them for locals so the price is relatively cheap, out there for the whole BBQ chicken can easily scrap your wallet for ₭ 80,000 just for a whole chicken, but in here they sell it per stick (a quarter of chicken) and it's only ₭ 15,000 (around $1.90 per stick).  How ridiculously good it is.

There is one stalls there that grabbed our eyes , the BBQ stalls, not only mouthwatering looking meat but smells delectable.  BBQ using charcoal is a classic way to cook meat, as the meat will have this lovely smokey smell and slightly burnt on the edges of the fat.

So obvious rite!!!  That we need to get them, a kilo roasted pork (Ping Moo) for ₭ 70,000 (about $8.75), just 4 sticks of BBQ Chicken, some Kao Niao or sticky rice (₭ 10,000/kg) as well to go with and rushed biking back to the resort.  Then I completely forgot to take a closer pictures of the food, because by that time everyone was starving and if I still taking photos first, I won't get any left!! 

We surely fortunate to found this exotic market.  The food taste exceptional, everything that I can ask for a flavour to be is there.  But just a little hint that I need to remind you guys, especially as we living in Australia where the cleanness and hygiene is very important and high standard, in here ummm..  not only here really, but most of the street food in Asian countries may less in hygiene practice.  But probably its kinda normal for locals and for people who regularly been to overseas definitely understand what I'm trying to say.

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  1. I adore street food! Bikes...well less but I'd be tempted to get on one if there was street food at the end of the trip! :P