20 August 2012

Patuxay Park, Vientiane (Day5, Part1)


If you stay at Thavonsouk resort for two nights or more, you may get bored with their buffet so here is the tip.  You can actually order Laos fried rice or noodle for breakfast which actually aren't on the buffet menu.  Well, they are pretty alright.

Two fried eggs to survive the day

As usual, the resort's breakfast can't really handle our crawling belly so yeah we need another breakfast to keep our cranky tummy satisfy.  Here we are, heading to the local noodle shop, more specifically Laos rice noodle soup with chicken or what they called it here "Khao Piak Sen".

Raw, Local and Delicious.

This shop also sell my all time fav as well "Som Tum"

Khao Piak Sen
The small flat rice noodle, a bit chewy and nice texture, served with boiled village chicken and clear broth, topped with heaps of fried shallot and coriander.  After I first taste it actually was quite bland to my liking. Since I'm an Indonesian myself, chilli is in our vein then we need to put some love and spice this bowl up a little bit.  See the photo below, as before and after :)

My Indonesian version of Khao Piak Sen
When it comes to food, anyone would have they preference rite!!!  You can add any sauces into the noodle soup or just stick with original taste, for me I love adding heaps of chilli sauce and abit of soy sauce and sprinkle with a little sugar and it tastes absolutely devine.  To balance it up I mean.  However, the thing that let them down in this dish was actually the village chicken itself, it's way too tough.  Almost like you are chewing a rubber.  Especially near the bone part, the meat just stick there like Superglue. The funny thing is, everyone else dishes got only one or two pieces of chicken with bone and more of the chicken meat pieces, so it's pretty much easy for us to eat.  But my hubby's dish only got one piece of meat and the rest were the chicken bones, and the worst bit is he is very very terrible when come to the eating bones.  So yeah poor boy!!!

Ice Milo
Then we headed back to Udonthani, Thailand via Vientiane and this time we not forget to have a short stop at one of national icon of Laos, Patuxay Park that we missed last time on our first day in Vientiane.  

Toilet, Next to Petrol Station - Although looks rather nice but inside is pretty clean

Patuxay Park

Friendship Bridge between Laos and Thailand

Stay tuned for next blog in Udonthani, Thailand:
UD Town, Udonthani, Thailand

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