28 November 2011

Supper at Chat Thai

Who's hankering for midnight cravings? Me!!!!!!  I know, it's very bad bad for our digestive system but it's actually a guilty pleasure for our mind.  We had been planning to do this for quite sometimes now, but it never been successful until tonight.  Everytime, when the clock ticking nearly pass midnite, we always started getting lazy and sleepy cos I'm just not a nite owl anymore, probably I am getting old...  Sigh...

Tonight, we are bringing my sis and her hubby along with us, so its kinda push us to go...  Don't wanna be a person who break promise, rite!!!!!  Nice trick but it works literally...  So yeah, here we are.. eating... drinking (non alcoholic though)... chatting... and most importantly adding nite calories...  Well yeah!!!  as a consequence.

Chat Thai in Thaitown is the only one restaurant that first pop up in mind and the most suitable for this mission.  It has been claimed to be one of the most dominant Thai restaurants in Sydney by many medias that all Sydneysiders might know as well.  This Thai powerhouse is home to variety of authentic street food mostly found on the street in Bangkok.  We ever walked pass this Chat Thai around midnight and they surprisingly still busy and packed with people lining up for the table.  Smartly, we made a reservation earlier and skipping all of those nite-food-hunting folks.

Can you believe it?? This already pass midnight
Cha Nom Yen (Thai Milk Tea) $5 and Longan Drink (Nam Lum Yai) $4

Fish Kedgeree (Khao Tom Pla) $13
This rice soup dish is served with boiled fish and sprinkled with fried garlic flakes and finely sliced lavage.  The soup is really refreshing, kickingly fresh and the hint of Hua Chai Bpoh (Salted Radish) lifted up the taste of already delicious rice soup.  To comforting my tummy in this cold rainy gloomy night.

Pork Congee (Jok Moo) $10
The thick rice congee with minced pork, finely shredded ginger and spring onion plus a splash of Maggie sauce was quite appetising.  Thais as I know that they usually never forget putting Maggie sauce on their congee to boost up the flavour.

Moo Daad Diew (Pork Jerky Issan Style) $10
Moo Dad was incredibly tasty, the meat was extremely soft and tender, is almost like eating grilled pork accompanied with Thai Sriracha Chilli Sauce to dunk in.

Grilled Chicken (Gai Yaang) $10
Gai Yaang is spices marinated chicken then char-grilled and served with home-made nam jim jiew sauce.  The chicken is full of flavours and have that smokiness smell and the meat is also tender and juicy with slightly crisp skin that contrast in texture.  The dipping sauce goes amazingly well with the grilled chicken, is basically mixture of smoked chilli, tamarind relish, fish sauce and palm sugar that balanced off the taste.

Chilli Fried Rice with Crispy Pork Belly $14.90
Traditional Thai fried rice stir fried with chilli jam and holy basil is just fiery delicious and enjoyable, especially those crispy skin pork belly was a perfect companion to it, much much better than the usual chicken or pork fillet.  Make sure you added fried egg on top to give it a kick...

Khanom Chan $3.50
Khanom Chan is a steamed multi layered sweet with the texture like a firm pudding, made from coconut milk, tapioca flour, pandan leaves to give the natural greenish colour and some others.  In Indonesia, we also have this kind of dessert called Kue Lapis.  This dish is normally used during the auspicious ceremonies in Thailand as it's considered a good luck and prosperous life.  Besides it could be treated as a fantastic light snacks as well.

Bua Loy Kai Warn (Rice Balls with Sweet Egg) $6
Sticky rice balls of taro, Japanese pumpkin and pandan jus in sweet warm coconut broth with abit of shaved fresh coconut and the highlight of this dish was the sweet egg..  U know what!!!  They forgot the egg!!!!  I tried to dig to the bottom insearching my precious egg thought that it may be playing hide and seek with me but nope..  couldn't find it at all.  That little sweet egg is what I've been dying for so I asked the waiter and he kindly added the egg for me.  Thank you...

Par Tuhng Go Sangkaya $6.90
The crunchy golden outer and fluffy innards of deep fried doughnut sticks that dipped in the pandan-flavoured coconut custard is dead-licious.  It's always never enough with only a small pot of that OH-SO-DELICIOUS pandan custard so we asked for more, and normally we gotta pay extra for that but we're lucky and they gave it for free this time (bribed... my hubby's friend was working there!!!)

Ps. Just because of this luscious Par Tuhng Go, we drove all the way for half an hour to please our demanding tummy.

Chat Thai
20 Campbell Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9211 1808

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