10 May 2012

Yaowarat, Chinatown of Thailand (Day5, Part2)

Talat Bang Nam Phueng, Phra Pradaeng

One fine night, we're off to Yaowarat precinct (Chinatown in Bangkok).  From my hubby's home town, this area can be reached easily by car, for about 45 mins but special for this time we demanded something far more sophisticated and adventurous way to get there.

The rough idea is, we will park the car in the petrol station parking side (have to pay money) near the pier then we walked pass this not-too-big Klongsan night market, then catch the ferry to across the Chao Praya river and catch either Tuk Tuk or taxi to go to Yaowarat which only take about five minutes more less.  By the way, from the Si Phraya pier (next to Sheraton hotel), it is possible to take a walk if you willing to and roughly will take around 15 minutes to Yaowarat.

The idea of catching boat is actually the most recommended, to avoid the horrible Bangkok's traffic.  The nearest pier is actually the Ratchawong Pier at the end of the Ratchawong Road.  We arriving in Si Phraya Pier because we're coming from Samutphrakharn province.  From Ratchawong Pier, is only a few hundred meters to Yaowarat Road and Sampeng Lane, where you will then notice a impossible-to-miss giant ceremonial Chinese gate at the Odeon Circle.  Yep here you arrive, Yaowarat - The Chinatown of Thailand!

Klongsan Night Market

I  Hamster

The ferry costs as tiny as 3 bath!!!  And it runs every 10 - 15 minutes.

Yaowarat is always packed with heaps of people hunting for the food and chilling out along this bustling district, but tonight notably became even more busier.  That's mainly because tomorrow gonna be the Thailand's official Chinese New Year's day celebration.  Apparently, during this festival is the best time to visit Yaowarat, not only it hosts the main celebrating events run by Bangkok Metropolitan Council, you can soak up the festive atmosphere where street of Yaowarat will be filled with lights and so much cheer. 

Chinatown is very popular with heaps of gold shops, Chinese shrine and temples and restaurants on day time and it transforms to an exotic and vibrant street-side food heaven when night falls.

The charm of Yoawarat that I fell in love with, apart from its always packed with street cuisine is the fact that Yoawarat has not really succumb to the urbanisation and modernisation of Bangkok city as much or even hardly affect its own original format.  I could easily assume that how people trade their goods in the past 50 years was likely would probably still remain the same today.  That is fascinating me indeed.

Bahmee Giaw Ped (Noodle with Roasted Duck and Wonton filled with duck meat) ฿50 (about $1.60)
This dish was plain delicious, the noodle was flavoursome as it soaked the saltyness from soy sauce and duck oil.  The roasted duck was fabulous, sooo moist, tasty and succulent.  But that dumpling, sorry can't give an opinion on that as this is wasn't my dish and the 'person' who ordered this not gave me a try even just half of them as there is only two little piece of dumplings given L  Looking with envy!!!!!!

Khao Na Ped (Roasted Duck on Rice) ฿30 (about 90)
The duck, of course was spot on and that gravy also enhance and compliment that duck.  But as a whole dish, I still prefer the noddle one because the duck matched much better with noodle than the rice.  For my liking, somehow the noodle made them more luscious.

Straight after the small serve of those roasted duck meal, we quickly moved on to the next door shop which selling all these Chinese dishes (mainly soups and stewed).  My hubby told me this shop has been selling for generation to generation.  Since the night not last long enough that's why we have to maximise our time by trying all the food bit by bit.  Feeling like an Amazing Food Race in a way lolz.

Roasted Pork Kway Chap
The soup itself has a fully depth in herbal flavour, refreshing and bit of peppery and it comes with some intestines also soft roasted pork although the skin losing their crunchiness but taste wonderful still.

Khao Kha Moo (Stewed Pork Leg with Rice)
My hubby told me that he has been dining in this restaurant since he was a little boy and the taste has never been different once.  It kinda remind him his childhood everytime he visits here.  I am sure the pork has been stewed for hours and hours as well as the broth.  As a result of that, the pork leg was way soooo tender and just melt in the mouth.  On top of that, the mustard pickle on the side also enhance the dish to next level.  Apparently, it is unofficially named by him as one of the classic dish that you MUST try when you are in Yaowarat J

Two bowls of Kway Chap and one Stewed Pork leg dish with 2 bottles of cokes is only ฿ 146 (about $4.60), which was very very reasonable.  I won't complain.

Khao Niao Thu Rian (Sticky Rice Durian) ฿50 (about $1.50)
Being an Indonesian myself who always has a love affair with durian, this is gotta be the best of the best Thai dessert for me.  The sticky rice, that is really soft and flooded with the coconut milk and palm sugar syrup then topped with this gorgeous fresh Durian fruits, has become my crazy obsession for years.  In Australia, for this heaven dish you may have to pay around $6 in an average thai resto.  But here in Yaowarat it will cost as tiny as 50 Bath or just around $1.50 with more of those fresh durian meat that open right in front of your eyes too.

There is an old saying in Thailand, "Durian is the only fruit eaten in heaven".  Well, I could not agree more with that J

Kanom Bueang
Kanom Bueang is another popular street food in Thailand.  It is like sweet tacos or pancakes with a paper thin and crispy texture, made from rice flour and are usually filled with coconut cream as the bed of then followed by sweet or savoury toppings such as shredded coconut, Foy Thong (Golden Egg yolks Thread), or chopped scallions.

฿20 for 7 pieces (about 60)
Bigger one is ฿7 each (about 20)

Tuk Tuk

While we're waiting for the ferry, we've seen lots of luxury authentic-looking boat slowly cruising along the Chao Phraya river.  They are actually river dinner cruise offering Thai buffets or gourmet cuisine.  Since we ran out of time, so I vow to try this for next time.  Watching river life go by and feast on a Royal Thai dinner with a live band to entertain on board.  What can you ask for more from a romantic night. !!

Yaowarat Road (Thanon Yaowarat) is the centre of the area.
Look for the busiest stalls.

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  1. May I know what's the exact location for the stall selling kway chap? Thanks!

  2. Sorry I couldn't recall what the exact address is. But it is in between big gold shop and 7eleven. Opposite White Orchid hotel. It's right on the Yaowarat road between corner of Phadung Dao road and Plaeng Nam road. Hope this will help..

  3. hi may i know where is the location of the roast duck rice?