14 June 2018

Tim Papaya Salad, Luang Prabang


This Tim papaya salad (som tum) shop is highly recommended, for those who want to try authentic Luang Prabang dishes.  Not so much offered from their menu lists but all the dishes are super delicious and full of flavors.  Som tum or papaya salad is at their best when eating with sticky rice and some other meaty companions.

Grilled chicken with jeow (spicy dipping sauce)

Luang Prabang style som tum
Luang Prabang style of papaya salad is slightly different from Vientianne.  In here, green papaya is thinly sliced and they add fermented fish sauce (pla ra) as well.  The salad is very aromatic, pungent and above all is so yummyyyyyy.

Grilled sour pork

Deep-fried sundried pork

traditional way of making sundried pork

Another chill out walk at the night market.  And for dinner we just picked some random restaurant nearby.  We tried their noodle soup and deep-fried sundried pork.  It was alright but not so great.  Therefore, it's no point to mention about the name and location of this shop.  I need to give it a miss.

Tim Papaya Salad
Khounxoa Road
(Near Ammata Hotel)

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