15 June 2018

Kuangsi Waterfall Park, Luang Prabang


For breakfast, we had Lao style pho accompanied with some western omelette and croissants.  Their breakfast are outstanding.  After that, we went to Kuangsi waterfall park.  It is located outside the city, about one hour drive.  Therefore, we booked the private van to go there.

Once you enter the park area, you will see the bear conservation.  The original idea of this conservation is purely for protecting the bears.  The bears there have a good life.  They are all just lazily sleeping on the woods.

From the bears park, you need to walk for another a few kilometers until you reach the magnificent greenish waterfall. Very tranquil and clear.  I'm not too sure whether you can actually jump down in the waterfall area.  However, there is one big nature pool on the foot of the waterfall, some people do swimming in there.  My husband did but he said the water is absolutely freezing cold.  And there are little fish that will bite and poke around your skin.  It is not hurt just ticklish and little annoying.  But overall, it was a nice experience.

Variety of grilled food, such as fish, pork and chicken

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