02 May 2012

Bangkok (Day4)

Vanilla Brasserie & Lenotre, Siam Paragon

Yes, I mean KFC

For those sophisticated foodies who have a passion for local delicacies, KFC might NOT get your glimpse while you are overseas.  Even my GOLDEN rule of thumbs that "no matter where on earth I go, I have to dine where the local dines" whether it is the local restaurants or hawkers street food.  But it exempts for this giant fast-food chain, this place has become a must-try in any country I visit.  It seems like KFC in different country tends to offer specialty menu in order to match the tastebud of the locals and that really fascinate me. Same thing goes in Thailand as well, their speciality is spicy and sour crispy chicken ( holy fiery hot !! )  and Portuguese egg tarts !!  Sooo yummm.

Well, not to mention a green papaya salad in Maccas so called "McSalad shaker" !!! or "Som Tum".

KFC Egg Tart
Totally loved this little egg tart, the buttery flaky pastry just crumbled after the bite took place and sweet wobbly custard in the centre.  Gotta pinch myself that I got it from KFC.


Banana Split ฿139 (about $4.30)
Three different flavoured ice creams: Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream served on a split fresh banana then drizzled with strawberry jam, pineapple jam, chocolate fudge and finally topped with creams and almonds.

Chocolate Ring-A-Ding ฿109 (about $3.40)
Three big scoops of chocolate ice cream served with sweet hot fudge and rich chocolate brownies.

Oreo Cookies'n Cream ฿109 (about $3.40)
The next one is Cookies'n Cream ice cream and again served with hot fudge and heaps of those yummy Oreo cookies.

We all know that Bangkok is pretty hot and humidy city.  By just sneaking in to a Swensen and dig in to one of their sensation ice cream menu, it would definitely keep you ZEN and sooth your body and cool down your soul.  Guilty pleasure !!!!!

More than 50 branches across Thailand

Very plain to see that Shabushi's idea obviously comes form collaboration of "shabu shabu" and "sushi train" restaurant.  It combines all the elements and utensils used in those restaurants such as a conveyor belt who plays as a main actor here that goes around the restaurant and individual mini-size hot pot on each table.

The simple deal here is a buffet cost 300 bath (around $9.40) per head with a tiny 90 mins time frame.  You choose where to sit and have your very own hot pot on the table with the choice of chicken stock or tom yum broth.  Then in the restaurant you have unlimited soft drink and assorted sushi and sashimi as well.  If you still have some more room, there is a variety of desserts to challenge you as well.  But trust me, you may get knocked out just by having abundant meat and seafood hot pot only.

As you can see, varieties of meat, seafood, veggies and mushroom are on the plate sitting on the conveyor belts and all you need to do is pretty much grab whatever you like and chuck it in your hot pot.  Whether to simmer it or bring it to boil, just follow your instinct.  The choices are yours.

Remember !!  You pay 300 bath for this buffet so plan your game ahead by observing restaurant in searching for whats good then hit it as hard as you can.  Oh don't forget to spare some more room for ice cream.  Picking only beef slices and seafood is a recommended strategy and do not get too excited with unlimited refill soft drink cos that's a trap !!!

Too bad this restaurant has a policy not to allow me to take a photo otherwise I can show you guys what is all about more clearly !!!

Later at night, we had some exercising to burn some of the bad calories stocked in our body.  We went to the badminton court not far from home and played my socks off thought that we might burn all the bad fat, which we quite did I guess, positive thinking is healthy right??  But while we were driving back home, nearly midnight, all of the sudden our tummy started to uncontrollable rumble like a drum so we decided to pull over on the street side food stalls and grabbed some light meals with heaps of vegetable dishes as we didn't wanna feel guilty after those torturing exercise.  But unfortunately, as I wouldn't have thought that we gonna have some meal, so regrettably I didn't bring my camera or mobile phone with me on that night.  No photos taken!!!!

The reason why I brought this up, because just letting you guys know that Bangkok is the city that 'never sleep'.  And I really mean it.  Heaps of local restaurants still open until 2 or 3 am in the morning or even later for some of them and the markets are vibrant throughout dawn 'til dusk !!!  So, NEVER ever worry or doubt that you would struggle finding food to please your tummy.  Anytime during day or night there will ALWAYS be something to tempt you through your hungry senses.  That's why I always gain my weight minimum 2 kilos everytime I go there since I cant stop myself from craving. 

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  1. Hehe the only times I tend to go to McDonalds and KFC are when I'm overseas just to check out what they have that's different! :P