02 April 2016

Hanoi Part 8: Quan An Ngon

Vietnam Part 7: Halong Bay Part 5 (Dinner On Board)

If you are looking for an authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a proper and more up class than a street food, then this place is probably will answer your needs.  Quan An Ngon is a huge huge restaurant with a street food like setting surrounded the dining area that serving a traditional local Vietnamese food.  Great range of choices, serves clean and the price also was not so expensive.

You do not need to sit low and eat challengingly on the street while the hustling bustling cars passing by, just to can try their street food, especially for travelers with kids.  In here, the food taste very authentic, delicious and you nearly can get all types of food in one place, from appetizer to sweets.  So convenient...

Fried bread sticks and deep fried spring rolls

Bahn Xeo served with fresh vegetables

Bun Cha

Nam Neung or Grilled Pork with wraps

For the first timer, no need to worry, the lady is kindly showing us how to wrap the nam neung. 

Time to head back home and leave behind all the traffic, the endless horn sounds and not forget to bring this very famous and super duper yummy durian pia to take home.  Highly recommended guys.  So, Octie Appetie and see you again in my next trip.  Thank you for reading my blog.

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