24 March 2016

Vietnam Part 6: Halong Bay Part 4 (Activities With Paradise Cruise)

Vietnam Part 5: Halong Bay Part 3 (Paradise Cruise)

Fully equipped on the small boat heading to the shore

In the late afternoon, we can choose to walk around the shore or stay in the boat at our pleasure.  The big boat will still park there in the middle of the sea, then what we need to do is just riding a much smaller boat that will take us to the edge of the shore.  After that the guide will leave us alone enjoying the view there or swim around.  Then, she will come back and pick us up by the shore a couple hours later.  It definitely could take a day on this island, swimming, walk around the beach or climbing up the rock to see the whole view of Halong Bay. 

Then, in the early evening, they host the cooking class, Vietnamese cooking class.  However, only a short bit, they just teach how to make Vietnamese spring roll.  I left in the middle of the class, because it is quite boring, my apologize if I said too harsh.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Vietnam:

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