02 April 2016

Vietnam Part 7: Halong Bay Part 5 (Dinner on Board)

Vietnam Part 6: Halong Bay Part 4 (Activities With Paradise Cruise)

Dinner tonight is included in our cruise package, a fine 3-courses dining.  Everyone were actually joining in the main dining area.  However, my son was pretty unwell at that time, so we requested an in-room dining that night.  The manager allowed and even help us to find medicine for my kid.  What a great service from them. 

The starters are choices between foie gras or seafood chowder.  Then they have grilled fish or steak for main.  Lastly, tiramisu for dessert.  As we were celebrating my birthday there, they nicely prepared small birthday cake for me as well at the end of the meal. 

Pan fried foie gras with crispy tart

Seafood chowder

Grilled fish served with grilled potatoes and asparagus as the bed

Steak with vegetables and crispy shredded potato on top


My birthday cake

'Pho Beef' breakfast in the next morning
Vietnamese Coffee Drip
The next morning we have another buffet breakfast with their sugnature 'pho beef' in the menu.  After finishing our breakfast, just in time to depart from our cruise back at the same wharft where we came from.  And the private pick up was waiting to take us back to our hotel for the last night in Hanoi.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Vietnam:

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