23 November 2015

Club Med Maldives Part 2: In Our Lagoon Suite


Yesterday was quite a ride, leaving Sydney early in the morning and arrived Kani at midnight.  We didn't get to see much around the resort even inside our own suite room.  But this morning, we woke up fresh and I quickly open the curtain.  OMG..  I was stunned for nearly two minutes.  The view was truly outstanding from our bedroom window.  Endless clear blue aqua turquoise water with the beautiful golden glow reflection from morning sun, quite and peace overwater bungalows on the side.  Put them all together, create a perfect yet dead-drop-gorgeous view that lay in front of our eyes.

This morning, we just want to start our day in slow pace, enjoying every single bits in our room, ordered in-room breakfast (this can be done only for people staying at lagoon suite by leaving a checked menu list in front of the door before 2 am).  Then swimming around our lagoon before tide gets too low.

Lounge room

Comfy King bed

Drinks and snacks bar, also completed with nespresso coffee machine

Bathtub with overlooking the ocean

Spacious balcony

Stair access to the ocean directly from our balcony

Contemporary breakfast

No need to go to the middle of the ocean, we just jump straight from our back door, snorkeling around and spotted heaps of fishes with our bare eyes, from tiny colorful fish to white shark and sting ray.  However, they are harmless and tend to run away as long as we don't disturb and harm them first. 

When twilight comes...

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Club Med Kani:
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