25 November 2015

Club Med Maldives Part 3: Exclusive For Lagoon Suite Residents


For 5th trident customers, beside the already-nice overwater bungalow, they have the extra special services and facilities exclusively dedicated to us. Such as: separate reception, Manta Lounge and private sun bathing area.

5th trident reception and lounge area

Manta Lounge

Private sunbathing area

Unlimited juice, soft drinks and alcohol drinks
In this lounge, you can order drinks from bartender or even mix your own favourite drinks at your own pleasure.  Small snacking and chocolates are available all day long.  Moreover, at 6pm everynight they always host a pre-dinner snack and bubble. 

Of course, I prefer to stay in this lounge, it is so peaceful and cozy complete with power plug and never-finished drinks and my favourite chocolate bars.

keep-changing afternoon tea, today is crepes day

Pre-dinner snacks and bubble

Pre-dinner snacks and bubble

All day snacks

Private area, exclusively for 5th trident customers

Main Jetty

You can even see fish from above the wharf, very abundant

Where is the crab?

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Kani, Maldives:
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