20 November 2015

Club Med Maldives Part 1: Flew with Malaysian Airline

What a dream come true, me and my partner can fly to Maldives and stay at lagoon suite for 6 nights.  Thank you to Club Med Reservation Office.  Like winning a million dollars lotto.  Priceless.. I'm so looking forward to it. 

We flew with Malaysian Airline, leaving Sydney early in the morning.  Then transit in Kuala Lumpur for 6 hours.  Because there is no flight from Kuala Lumpur to Male until nearly midnight.  We wondered around the airport from terminal A to C. 

In Flight Main Meal Sydney to Kuala Lumpur (nasi lemak seafood with tiramisu for dessert)

In flight snack (chicken roll)

Sky train between terminal inside KLIA

Prawn meehon mee rm11.30
Soft boiled egg rm 4.90
Kaya and butter thick toast rm5.90
Teh tarik rm5.30 and xi mut milk tea rm5.30

Old town white coffee (self serve)
Lot cpi 22

Mixed satay (5 chicken and 5 beef) rm 37 from Satay Club

My dinner in flight to Male
Lamb with mashed potato and rice pudding for dessert 

Chicken with rice

Male Airport

Waiting for our luggage

Welcome to Maldives...  Talking about Maldives, this country consists of more than thousands of tiny and big islands.  1195 islands to be exact.  That can be reach by boat or sea plane.  As per local said, from north to south island, it could take 3 days by normal boat to travel or 24 hours by speed boat.  That's why it needs a big effort for them to travel between different islands.  There are islands used for keeping garbage, petrol, airport or even famous for growing mango tree.  And about 110 islands are occupied with resorts (many more coming)

Their capital city and international airport is located in Male.  There are about 80 plus coral islands occupied by tourist resorts.  And for Male itself, it is not so famous with tourist hotels as it is more likely filled with business and government district also local living area. 

For Club Med, its resort is builded on one island called Kani.  There are two options to reach there, first by using speed boat takes about 20 to 30 minutes or a little bit more extraordinary and faster way is by sea plane.  However, you need to arrive early at the airport to be able to catch sea plane and it also comes with a quite big price as well.

Upon our arrival at the airport, we grabbed our luggage and done custom as normal.  Then there was a guy waiting in front of the gate with holding the Club Med Kani Maldives' sign.  He then promptly directed us to the Club Med counter, where we kinda need to do pre-check-in and the nice lady told us to wait for a few more people before we catch the speed boat heading to our lovely resort.

Club Med Private Speed Boat

I was a little bit scared riding this speed boat at night where you can't see nothing on the ocean beside million stars full sky above your head.  However, I was feeling a bit better where we equipped with life jacket and it only took about half an hour.

Once we arrived at the resort, there are some GOs were waiting at the wharf, ready to take us to our room.  As we are staying at the Lagoon Suite, we were then separated from the other groups and the manager himself from 5th trident lead us to our suite room.  What a nice welcome.. 

Once we got in to our room, I saw this welcome drinks and snacks ready prepared in front of us.  They cared that we might be hungry at midnight while their restaurant is already closed.  In this time, I didn't want to do anything yet eat nothing beside had a warm shower and lie on the soft cozy bed.  'Til tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Club Med Maldives:
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