21 June 2012

Clydesdales Restaurant, Windsor

I planned a romantic weekend getaway for the two of us and it landed on Windsor for one simple reason, A Cydesdales restaurant.  It's been quite awhile since I wanted to experience this horsedrawn restaurant dinner at Windsor.  Apparently, from what I've seen from the magazine and read the review about this place, it sounds pretty interesting and somewhat fascinating.  Since the dinner will finish around 10 pm and won't be able to drive back home on the same day.  Therefore, I decided to stay over for a night in Sebel resort & Spa at Windsor where's the meeting point for this horsedrawn restaurant too.  So as you can see, staying overnight at Sebel, Windsor, would be more convenient and very suitable if you want to dine in at the Cydesdale restaurant.

Only take less than two hours drive from Sydney CBD, but this place is totally different from hustling bustling city and surprisingly very nice scenic drive along the way.  You will see all of these nice view, farms, cattle and sheep grazing on the green field.

The resort has a beautiful lush garden with the fountain and lovely pond in the front and mostly used for the wedding function.  Just on that Saturday afternoon, I witness two wedding's ceremony held here.

Complimentary Sparkling Wine

Courtyard Guestroom

The night began at the resort reception as a meeting point.  6pm sharp, there was one lady in the different uniform came to us politely and introduce herself as our lovely hostess for the night then escort us to the bar and meet the other diners as well.  Canapes and drinks were served right after everyone had arrived.  We were all chatting with the other diners who pretty much full of wonder what the dinner would be like since this is the first time for most of us diners. 

15 mins later, our hostess told us to come downstairs because the restaurant was about to get moving.  Let have alook at what we had for that night.

Delicious canapes

Hi Harry 'The Leader'

Duck Breast with Pears
The duck meat cooked beautifully and nice soft poached pear on the side also served with almond pieces.

Salmon Two Ways

On one side we got four pieces of Salmon deep fried with Tempura batter, wasn't that good good but those marinated raw salmon were absolutely yummy well seasoned and great marinated.

Scaloppini Oscar
A  huge thinly cut of veal served with king prawns in a creamy brandy sauce and vegetables on the side.  The sauce was delicious, nutty in a way but it goes really well with the veal.

Beef Fillet with porchini mushroom jus
With this horsedrawn restaurant, I didn't put any high expectation for the food that much.  Since my only concern is purely on the experience and ambiance of dining on the horse carriage.  That's why is very forgivable if the food would not be up to the standard.  However, never judge the book from its cover as it surprised me big time.  The food on board that evening was nothing short of fantastic.  I'm not overrated this place and would definitely recommend this place for sure for someone who want to celebrate a special moment with your loved one.

Especially the steak, large portion, medium cooked as what I asked and the mushroom jus was pretty good as well.  Totally satisfied.  At the end, the waitress told us that they were getting the main menu and dessert from Biviano's Italian restaurant just down the road.

Biviano's Italian & Seafood Restaurant
9 Baker Street, Windsor
Ph: 02 4587 8499

Unlimited drinks

Gateau Petite Range for two

Cheese Platter

The carriage is pretty squeezy that only fit for eight passengers at a time but still quite comfortable and cosy though.  At first, I was afraid that the dishes and glass would tremble cos it keeps on shaking on the running carriage but the horses jogging gradually and slowly.  It took a glass of red wine for me to get used to its motion.

This dining experience was more like a city tour in a way.  They wander around the town and this helpful hostess told us the stories and history about the town as well as serving us unlimited drinks.  Roughly after 3 hours, our journey had come to the end, we had a few more shots with our lovely and furry chauffeur then went to bed and out like a light.

Waking up feeling so fresh in the next morning, we strolled along this old historic town on our own, Sunday market and spotted a busy cafe along George street, Simon's Coffee Lounge & Restaurant.  By the look of it, without a doubt we went straight to check them out cos we were so starving and in an urgent need of a hot big brekkie. 

Generally the atmosphere in the family-run cafe was pretty casual, average and very spacious.  Quite variety on the menu to choose from, a classic pancake with maple syrup or a big breakfast set are a cloud pleaser here.   Large portion of food which overall taste very good, hot and clean.  Apart from that, nothing much to fancy about their coffee.

Beef Lasagna
Not as thick as an ordinary lasagna ought to be but loaded with heaps of meat and those yummy melted cheese on top, I think I can get away with that.  What a better way of serving lasagna because I believe all of us would love more topping than those plain lasagna sheet, wouldn't you?  The lasagna served with mixed garden salad and light dressing as well.

Canadian Pancake
Here I'm breakfast with my all time favourite of bacon and egg, only this time is a bit special as it comes with  maple syrup.  The waitress give the whole bottle of maple syrup as probably some people just can't get the taste of savoury with sweet syrup.  Apparently, it can put them off but for me!!  Seriously it was better, cos I can squeeze as as much maple syrup as I please !!!  They taste amazingly together, undoubtedly one of my fav type of brekkie so far.

Iced Chocolate and Vanilla Milkshake
I'm obsessed with milkshake that served in a tin glass and everytime when it didn't appear to be served in it, makes me so disappointed and let me down.  I'm not too fussy ok.  It is just how I love it to be served like when I always want my spaghetti to be very soaky and saucy.  Anyway, besides that, the milkshake was fabulous too.  Overall, we can call it a great breakfast this morning and by looking at the size of the dish, I think it would easily last til dinner time.

Simon's Coffee Lounge & Restaurant
Shop 1, 100 George St
Windsor NSW 2756
Ph: (02) 4577 2208

61 Hawkesbury Valley Way (Richmond Road)
Windsor, NSW 2756
Ph: +61 2 4577 4222

Dinner Tour Meeting Point:
The Sebel Resort & Spa, 61 Hawkesbury Valley Way, Windsor
(formerly known as Richmond Road)
Ph: (02) 4577 4544

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  1. I didn't realise that they had horse drawn carriage dinners! Love that photo of you, you look so pretty! :D