19 June 2012

Sunrise at Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son - Day 3


When you visit Pai, you can also add Pang Ung lake into your itinerary to end your Northern Thailand trip on the high note.  Another must do here is relaxing and sitting by the mountain, overlooking the lake covered while waiting for the morning sun rises above the pine tree hill at Pang Ung.  The best time to visit Pang Ung is around December to February where you can experience the very cool fresh air and the whole Pang Ung laked covered by fog.  It is pure magical moment when your eyes are set on the lake.  Make sure you get up early like 4 am as driving up to the mountain taking nearly an hour and you still need to walk up there to the valley for few more minutes before arriving to the lake.

The thing I adore about Thai people is their religious culture, probably it's just a normal daily routine for them but looking at people wake up early in the morning everyday then preparing the food to offer to the monks (Sai Bat) and get some holy blessing afterward, it's just charming and beautiful to watch.

You can also join them doing the good mercy actually by bringing or buying some food for an offering but you have to know around what time the monk will walk pass by that street otherwise you might wait for ages for nothing ( Hints: they normally start this routine everyday around 6 am.)

Sunrise at Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son

By that time we finished watching the sunrise, I was so starving cos we haven't had anything at all and walked pass this local coffee shop which smell sooo good.  We saw all these food and drinks like calling us from far so we grabbed the hot ovaltine as we abit in a rush heading for our actual breakfast.  It's just some tiny thing that what I need in this freezing morning breeze and keep me survive!!!

Taahh daaah !!! This is the place that we had our breakfast, Yunnan-style breakfast actually.  Over looking the river, what a heaven on earth we said as the water was extremely mirror clear and reflecting like double vision.  The food here has Yunnan influenced as they are really close to the border of Yunnan, China. Including the way local dress and the houses style too.  Their speciality that you can not miss is scented-tea, from the flowery to fruity teas and have it together with the sweet-dry fruits, like kiwis, cherries and Chinese plum.  The smell is really aromatic and kinda leave a sweet-flowery taste on your tounge after you drink it. They also selling the dry tea leaf in the shop next door as a souvenir, but as you know with the strict Australian custom, we won't allow to bring any tea leaf, so far as I concern though, so just be careful if you wanna bring some back in.

Tremendous breakfast that we got on that morning, well more like a big lunch I'd say.  Need to mention about that slow-cooked pork leg.  Absolutely sensational dish !!  The pork braised with five spices herb then slow cooked for hours resulted in the meat is so delicate and just pulled apart. Accompanying with Chinese steamed bun (Man Tao) is very traditional way to have it I guess and it works together so well.

Going To Bat Cave

On the way back to hotel, for some reason I felt like having Mama Tom Yum instant noodle.  It might be because of in the car I started to feel abit dizzy and hungry so I kinda need something quite strong in flavour to satisfy me.  God is on my side once again, the driver told us there is the look-out area ahead to rest the car.  So we pulled over and luckily the shop has Mama noodle which freak'in cost me 20 bath !!!  But at that moment I don't care anymore and it turned out to be the best Mama noodle I ever had in my entire life.  You know what, I discovered that when you are really hungry,  nothing beats 2 minutes noodle.

Grilled Sweet-Corn


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  1. Wow what a view to eat breakfast to! And what a breakfast too! :)