11 November 2011

Meet Fresh

In the hot steamy day like this, it would be great if I could stay in the fridge...  C' mon not that bad !!!  Just an ice cream or cold dessert will do me...  Newly open Meet Fresh Taiwanese dessert branch in Eastwood which is what I'm looking for and its closer to my home as well, plus it opens until late midnight on the weekend.  While you enjoying this refreshing dessert, you know in the back of your head that it's healthy and won't put any extra exessive calorie.  So, importantly you don't feel sort of guilty.  However, I found that their dessert is way less sweet for my liking, probably that's why this become a healthy and light dessert, isn't it????  We went there last weekend around 9pm, the queue was still pretty long and we had to wait more than half an hour.

Wait 'til thing is vibrated means that your dessert is ready to be picked up from the counter....

Supreme Mango Crushed Ice $8
Shaved ice with mango lava flowing dessert.  This one is so refreshing and comes in a gigantic portion, good for those who like to share cos if you could finish this dish on your own then obviously you likely to get brain freezz !!!  Firstly I gotta admit that I was kinda trapped by its displayed photo from their menu when I was waiting in the queue.  The picture of fully loaded fresh mango (in fact, not) convincing me so badly to order one of this oozy tropical mango to cool me down from the balmy night.  Well .. pretty successful strategy I guess :)  However, don't get me wrong guys .. this icy mango was a limelight on that night.  Very very recommended !!!

Taro Balls No. 2 $6
The taro balls & sweet potato balls were nicely chewy and famed for the clean taste of all the elements on the bowl.  But, I will say this dish is being way too dull and not enough of those delicious sweet potato.   Appearently it is one of the chef-recommended and top 10 of most popular dishes.

Winter Melon Tea with Cream $4.60
You may get bored already by me saying the dessert is too bland and less sweet, it's probably because me is a sweet tooth person... so badly.  I ordered this drink only because those temptingly cute glass from the menu is like a clear jam jar with a handle but end up we got this, crappy take away cup..  The tea itself was refreshing and quite tasty but those whipped cream was the terribly let down, it was tasteless and seems contains zero sugar, I guess!!  I completely don't know what to do with that cream so I mixed it through with the tea as it suppose to be, rite..  BIG BIG mistake...  the whole drink turned out to be awful and flavourless.

So, Octie Appetie guys...

The Buy One Get One Free opening promotion applies to Taro Balls No. 4 Dessert and MeetFresh Signature Herbal Dessert only. Offer ends this Sunday, 13 November 2011

175 Rowe St
Eastwood NSW 2122


  1. I love this place! My brother and his girlfriend live in Eastwood, so we were keen to try this place out when it opened as her and I are massive sweet tooth's. Now we very much enjoy popping in for a bit of late night dessert. I really liked the subtly sweet coconut sago pudding with fresh mango, yum yum :-)

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    1. Hi there,

      Sorry, it has been awhile that I haven't checking my blog, just taking some break. I just read your comment.. Thank you and also I use the free one called blogspot.. They have a few good designs that you can choose from, easy to use. Give it a try :)