07 October 2011

Melbourne City - Day 1 (Part 2)

Melbourne has always been my favorite foodie getaway as they are famous for lots of bite-size snacks and the two most popular are Lord Of The Fries for savoury appetite and Spanish doughnut for sweet temptations. They have few branches across Melbourne, and one of them is close to Flinders Station and they open until pretty late too with Spanish Doughnut which actually open 24 hours (Flinders Street Station branch) so its really good for mid nite bites after long night-out or just unexpected occasionally growling belly.

Lord Of The Fries 
Lord Of The Fries
Corner Elizabeth and Flinders Street
(branches across Melbourne: Flinders Street Station, Melbourne Central, Chadstone Shopping Centre)

Spanish Doughnut
9 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9654 5577

(another branch is on Flinders Street Station)

Churros with Peanut Butter
Anything peanut butter is really get into me.. From Brownies, cheesecake, and basically most of the sweet I made always with the touch of peanut butter and if in the shop they selling different flavours of ranged sweet and desserts, the first I would look into is 'Peanut Butter' blah.. blah.. blah... So when I saw this on the menu, I must try it regardless and as always peanut butter goes really well in any sweets. But It would be better if that Peanut Butter Churros dipped in the chocolate sauce. Extra-high pleasure of sweet indulgence...

Plain Churros with Milk Chocolate Dipping
OMG... this churros is dead-licious. The churros were crisp and light without any greasiness. They were still hot and fresh by the time we got them but the chill-y weather outside just froze my chocolate sauce in no time. And honestly I really begging for more of those chocolate dipping, it's just simply nice and rich. Who cares of how much calories did I put on after this night!!! Just enjoy today...

Ishiya Japanese Stonegrill
152 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9650 9510

Open: Mon-Thu, & Sun 12pm-10.30pm
             Fri & Sat 12pm-1am

Cloudy Sake
Sashimi and Sushi

Grilled Eggplant with Miso Sauce

What they have in the menu probably just ordinary lists but something special with this restaurant which is each person get to experience cooking the meat or seafood by ourself with the 400 degree (extremely hot) heated volcano stone that will cook the steak instantly in seconds. So better watch them carefully!!! but the good thing is you can have the steak cooked to your liking and apparently this is the healthiest way to cook the meat.. It comes together with various dipping sauces that will make the delicious steak turn extraordinary. I had bit of dilemma here, when some of my slices of meat cooked perfectly and I'm about to enjoy it, the other pieces soon to be over-cooked as the stone keep continue cooking them up. So my cheat trick was .... I use the slice of cucumber as the bed of my chunk of meat to preventing them from over-cooked, then I'll slice couple of pieces at a time and cook them to my preference... That will going on and on and on until sadly to my last piece.

I ordered the Angus steak and my husband got the Wagyu beef. As soon as we had the first bite, I'm sooo envy of his one. Nothing wrong with the Angus steak, they still nice but those Wagyu Beef just much much better, They melt on your mouth and so juicy and tender.. Looking at him with my pity eyes, He knows straight away that I'm aiming of his beef, so he reluctantly cut half of his big chunk of  meat for me and I quickly pass my half of Angus beef to him too.. Mhua..Hahaha.. Sharing is Caring. Don't forget...

Medium rare.. That's what I like

Fried Rice
I really recommend this Japanese steak house to all of you.  Not only its yummy taste, fresh cut of premium meat and outstanding Japanese hospitality but the new dining experience that I found its so hard to forget.  Even if we have a chance to go to Melbourne again, we definitely will revisit there again for sure.

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