10 October 2011

Puffing Billy, Warrook Farm and Penguin Parade Melbourne - Day 2

Since this our first ever time in Melbourne and we wanna find out more about the other side of Melbourne city so we bought one of the most popular full day tour with AAT Kings. Today we will travel around Dandenong Ranges then stop by at Tea room to have some Devonshire tea and delightful hot scones with classic jam and cream. We also had a chance to feeding the beautifully naughty Rosella and Cockatoo birds. After that we continue the tour with riding the famous Puffing Billy Steam Train through magnificent rainforest.

It's time for lunch... We chose to include lunch with the tour so we don't have to be worry about finding food in the middle of nowhere. The lunch wasn't too bad though, we had choices of roast beef and chicken with steamed vegetables.

Complimentary Bread

Roast Beef with Vegetables

Combination Roast Beef and Chicken with Vegetables
The restaurant also organise the Wedding function. Its like a small Victorian vintage house with quite big reception area at the rear. When we were there, they're setting up the dining area for tomorrow's event with white linen cover for the chairs and all those cutleries are ready. Really nice and gorgeous....

After finished our lunch, we headed to the typical Australian's cattle farm life namely Warrook Farm. It is just a stone's throw away where unexpectedly in the back of restaurant. You will experience how to milk the cow, shear the sheeps and meet our little friends like cute wombat and Kangoroos. Getting around the farm by riding on the tractor-trailer was also the highlight of this tour. Imagine... the land surface was still unimproved and rocky hard so on the trailer, it got us bumped like crazy lolz.


This guy made shearing sheep looks too easy !!!

My opinion.. wombat is extremely cute and fluffy.. wanna pet him and hug him and squeeze him!!!

So arrogant !!!!

Before we go on with our trip to watch the amazing Penguin parade at the Phillip Island, they let us have a bit of time on our own to have an early dinner at somewhere along the beach. Honestly, wasn't much interesting restaurant to eat around there and end up we had this Chinese, nothing to talk about this meal because it's only plain average Chinese food and simply to fill up our tummy. After this onward won't be any photos taken because while watching the little penguin parade, camera is not allowed as it will disturb the wild life .. Finally, We get back to the hotel nearly 11pm so we just had shower and went to bed to get ready for another tour tomorrow.

Hope you guys enjoy my blog, Octie Appetie...

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